Easter Sunday: He Is Risen

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Easter Sunday: He Is Risen

Easter Sunday is almost here. With that comes a ton of work, preparation, setups, design tweaks, rehearsals, modifications, and stress. For those of us putting on church services, special events, and Easter Celebrations, it can be a tough week. Don’t forget the why behind the what of what you’ll do this week. You have an opportunity to do more than transform an environment. You can help transform lives and tell this amazing story.

With it being the last week leading up to Easter, there is no doubt that your to-do list is overwhelming. The last thing on your mind right now just might be your visuals for Easter. You know you need them, but you haven’t had time to put anything together yet. aWe want to help you out a bit with some great media that our staff has curated specifically for this coming weekend.

Easter is an opportunity to celebrate in a big way. This story is so exciting. Take this opportunity to use bright colors and vibrant visuals that you may not utilize during other times of year. Make sure to match that tone with your visuals. Take a look at the visuals below and begin transforming your space into an Easter celebration!

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Easter Sunday Motions and Stills

Colorful Spring Clouds Easter Title | TripleWide Media Easter Sky Blank | TripleWide Media Easter Atmosphere: New Dawn | TripleWide Media Creation's Wonder 03 | TripleWide Media Colorful Easter Sunday 03 | TripleWide Media Easter Colors 07 | TripleWide Media  Risen 04 | TripleWide Media Infusion Easter Title | TripleWide Media Infusion He Is Alive | TripleWide Media Resurrection Sunday 2 | TripleWide Media Resurrection Sunday 3 | TripleWide Media Easter Glass Resurrection Still | TripleWide Media Holy Week Glow Light | TripleWide Media Easter Sunrise Sky | TripleWide Media

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