Easter Preview Week 2015

Easter Preview Week 2015

As crazy as it may sound, especially to those of you who’ve been hit with winter storm after winter storm this year, spring is right around the corner. With that comes time change, warmer weather, and Easter. If you work in a church environment, chances are you’re in for another busy season.

Behind Christmas, Easter is one of the busiest seasons of the year for churches. We realize that and want to help you get a step ahead.

This week, we’ll be sharing resources and ideas as well as showcasing new content to get you ready for all your Easter weekend services. From Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday, we want you to be able to tell the story.


Transform Your Space

Using visuals, creative stage designs, lighting, and environmental projection, this is your opportunity to truly transform the lives of those who walk through your doors.

Think about this; Christmas and Easter are the most attended Sunday’s for most, if not all churches. You need to be prepared to welcome those guests and visitors that might not be familiar with the Easter message. Think about how you can use visuals, media, lighting, and artists to transform your environment.

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Share the Story

More than anything else, you’ve got to tell the story well. If that means visual silence, implementing environmental projection, a new stage design, or lighting changes, be sure to consider all of those items in light of the story. Production designs, hip videos, and flashy lights will only distract if they aren’t done purposefully. Know and tell the story.


Be Creative

Take advantage of the expectations of both your congregation and visitors and be creative. Creativity doesn’t have to be a crazy idea. It doesn’t mean pushing the envelope or adding a “shock value” to your service. Bring beauty, design, story, and art to your services. Be Creative. Be Unique. Be You.


Utilize new Media

Looking for Easter content? Then look no further. Click the image below to browse our collection of Easter Media. We’ve got over 300 pieces of quality Easter content ready for your Easter services.

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Easter Media | TripleWide Media


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