Easter Media – A Creative Process

Easter Media – A Creative Process

All Easter season we want to find opportunities to pull back the curtain and showcase the creative process with easter media for producers, churches, artists, and creatives. This isn’t simply to show you what takes place behind the scenes, but to provide an extra measure of inspiration.

Today, we have the privilege of hearing from one of our long-time producers, Shift Worship, as they show their design process for one of their amazing Easter designs.


Q: How did you come up with the concept?

A: We developed this idea by finding ways to represent different moments at the cross. As TripleWide Media has been curating and talking about the different Vantage Points of Easter, we wanted to take a similar approach. Starting with nails/hammers/coins to the crown of thorns and finally, the crown of glory, we’re hoping to take people on a visual journey through the story of Easter.


Q: What equipment are you using to shoot your elements?

A: We shot with a Canon Mark ii and a 24-70 lens for most of the shots. We wanted a dark feel so we kept the natural light minimal and then in post we developed some overlays that would work in both Photoshop and After Effects that will give the entire collection a similar feel.


Q: What do you do to your media after filming/shooting?

A: After achieving the right colorization and look, we added in illustrated and after effects elements, such as brushes to create mid-ground elements that gave it the right tone and grit. As you might use multiple clips to create building blocks for your visuals, we’re doing something similar as we layer images, effects, custom illustrations, and more to create amazing media to help transform environments.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.57.56 PM

There are so many great ways to capture the essence of easter this year its mind blowing. The story of Jesus’ act of love on the cross was a monumental moment, but there were also so many other elements that went into making this story even more meaningful. Shift Worship found inspiration in the vantage point of something as small as coins, and the tremendously symbolic thorn cross. There are no limits! And that’s what our Vantage Points Easter series is all about. Dig past the things that seem surface, and find a way to get inspired by every element of the easter story. Find what inspires you and shine light on that story with great easter media. If it’s the very nails that were drilled into His hands & feet that inspire you, zoom in on that pain, the size, color, shape, etc. The story already exist, it just up to you to tell it!

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A big thanks to our friends at Shift Worship for continuing to create amazing content. They have poured into this community for years and it’s our privilege to have them as one of our producers. Check out the latest content from Shift and others here: TWM.co/new120. Also, Stay tuned for more blogs & new content to help you with perfecting your Easter setup for 2019.

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