I had this crazy idea yesterday… Would it help any of our community members that are Churches to see some visuals our staff may recommend for songs they may use Easter Weekend? My answer: yes!

So I decided to jump over to PraiseCharts.com & CCLI to find the most played songs. For now we’ve only posted 3 songs… but we’ll be adding more later. If you want specific songs, let us know by leaving a comment below!

Top Song:
“Mighty To Save”
By Hillsong

This song has a slower start and builds, so I would recommend starting with a good still. When I listen to this song, I see the color Blue. It’s redemption, it’s cleansing and it’s purifying.  In the first Chorus, I want to see this Savior that can move mountains… so I may find a still image that shows some of those qualities. In this case I go to red which is a contrasting color.

Once we get to the Second Chorus the song is really pumping, and I would use something with motion for the first time. From there it goes into the bridge… we need something bright and high-energy that will really amplify what’s happening in the song. Then we finish up with that same blue texture we started with. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Verses/Ending: Stone Texture – Blue

First Chorus: Sacred Savior 5 Still

Second Chorus: Glorious

Bridge: Creation Sky 02


Song #2:

“Jesus Son of God”
By: Chris Tomlin

First – I love this song and it’s filled with POWERFUL visuals of the cross, redemption and grace. So here we go! When I hear this song I see simplicity that becomes epic. In a good way.

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At first I want a darker image that shows sacrifice and death maybe. I would probably start off with a still image so I have somewhere to go from. You could use a crown for the first verse, but you’ll see that I used that for the first chorus so I wanted to avoid it.

First chorus, a simple Crown of Thorns is perfect. Back to the same image for Verse which leads us into the second Chorus which is bigger so it needs a “bigger” and higher energy motion. Notice though I am sticking with the same color scheme.

The bridge is not too much higher in energy then the rest of the song, so I want to use a comparable motion for that second. If you have the ability, speed up this motion in your program. It will add the needed energy to this section. Then the song comes back down in energy and I really want to go to Black or that same original Still I used. Here’s what it turned out to be:

Verses & Ending: Good Friday

First Chorus: Crown of Thorns

Second Chorus: Red Cross Motion

Bridge: Sacred Cross 2 (maybe speed it up a bit if you can)


Song #3:

By: Paul Baloche

This song is very upbeat! Which gives it a different feel to the visuals I have picked. It’s got this “celebration” in it which makes it so great for Easter!

So I want to start with a bright & joyful motion for the verses and move to something with a bit more art/story for the Chorus. We can visualize the story of this song through color which is why I chose these various motions.

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We then move into a “breakdown” or a section before the last chorus and I want to bring the energy down just a bit but still have it present. Then back into a chorus and ending! Here’s what I came up with.

Verses: Sunset Clouds

Chorus: Circle Sunrise

Breakdown: Sunny Grass

Ending: Creations Wonder 01


I hope this helps a bit in your planning. We would love to do more this afternoon and tomorrow morning. What songs are you singing this week and we’ll help you plan! Just leave us a comment below.

As you can tell by my ideas here, I like to create an arch in visuals for worship. Starting with a still image, moving into a motion and coming back to that same image. It’s a powerful way to tell the story. I also use color as my greatest quality when picking a visual. You may remember the post we did a while back on Color, if not check it out here.

As you continue on your journey of choosing images, what do you want to say visually (subject or design) and how are you going to say it (color & speed)?

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