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Hey TripleWiders! It was a BIG weekend for many of our community members who used environmental projection to create stunning displays for their Easter celebration. Sunday morning many of you joined in on #multiscreeneaster and sent us shots of your stage design, environmental projection, and multi-screen set-up. Thanks for that! Today we are going to showcase a few of the pictures we received from you lovely people. I love today’s blog because we can highlight how you guys are taking TripleWide Media content and creating immersive atmospheres. All that to say, tweet us your stuff; let’s keep the synergy going.

Well, let’s get right to it! The TripleWide Mult-Screen Showcase:

@FWCFlorenceLove this @FWCFlorence!  “Calvary Crown of Thorns Red” by Church Motion Graphics. One of my favorite motion backgrounds from Easter 2013.

@barrywisemanWell done @barrywiseman. Nice use of “Sacred Cathedral 1” by Playback Media

@CoreyRL with @RealLifeFL

Wow! Multi-multi screen. @CoreyRL with @RealLifeFL

@danniobracken Bravo @danniobracken! Ginghamsburg Church’s very first time using Environmental Projection

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@jonmrogers@jonmrogers is blowing my mind. “Stations of the Cross” by worshipVJ on the bottom left!

@brianworster@brianworster gives us a glimpse of Church of the Highlands’ celebration

@chris_lesher@chris_lesher painting the walls!

@jmaddox82Wish I could have been there to see this! @jmaddox82 at @calvarylive

@markhhccBeautiful display there @markhhcc. Seriously, love it! “Bright Squares 01” by Centerline New Media

@markmanleySacred Cross 2” by Playback Media fueling @markmanley’s triple-wide set-up. Looks awesome!

@niallcast@NiallCast using both Gandalf and “Resurrection Sunday” by Fight the Current over at Cast Ministries

You people are awesome. Expect a couple in-depth looks at a few of these set-ups in our blog in the days ahead.

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