How Visual Worshiper used Environmental Projection at his church.

Some of you have heard of Camron Ware from Visual Worshiper… He’s actually one of our fantasticproducers on TripleWide Media. Before Camron started Visual Worshiper, he used to work full time for a church in Dallas, TX and was an early pioneer of Enviornmental Projection.

Since we are highlighting various christmas programs this season that used multi-screen and enviornmental projection, we thought it was only fitting to show off some of his work. Here are a couple of pictures from his Christmas programs.

Irving Bible Church here had 3 projectors all of them only 4,000 lumens. They we’re using EasyWorship at the time and no advanced multi-screen hardware. (They now use other software).  Incredible that 4 years ago, this is what they did:

Additionally Camron sent me this picture from First United Methodist Church Dallas for an event called “First Family Christmas.” Here they used a TripleHead2Go, ProVideoPlayer, a Mac laptop (although you can use many different computers and/or softwares) and suprisingly 3x 3,000 lumen projectors! This is proof you don’t have to have tons of $$$$$$$ to make this stuff happen. Check this out:

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Anyways, That’s just a few more ideas for the idea bin! Hope you’re getting ideas for Easter already. We would love to help you try it all out.

If you have an event or screen setup that used multi-screen technology, send them to We would love to showcase your organization on our blog as well!

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