Church Stage Design without Projection.

The other day, we blogged about the new Pink Floyd (or Roger Water) tour and how they are using over 300,000 lumens and projecting over 240 feet wide of video every night on their tour. We blog a lot about really creative set designs, innovative projection/video uses and other really “out there” ideas and sometimes I wonder if we ever get practical?

The thing I am really passionate about when it comes to multi-screen projection is the simple idea that we can create incredibly powerful environments with ease. Simply grab a multi-screen processor, a laptop and some of the amazing content on our site and you’re all set to go! However sometimes in order for the projection to be effective we must be able to understand how to create an environment without projection.

I stumbled upon this in Church Production Magazine the other day and was inspired to see what this Church is doing. Christ Church in Hickory, NC has recently created a very innovative set design WITHOUT PROJECTION!!! (What!?!? That’s actually possible?). Yes, in fact I think they have done a superb job.

Many of you know this but one of our slogans is, “1 purchase, 3 sizes” which simply means that with every purchase (aside form short films) you get access to the triple wide, double wide and single wide videos or images. Our hope is that you will have all three resolutions so you have the freedom to use projection when you want to. And when you choose not to use the triple or double, go ahead and use the single wide. You can still create powerful environments.

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Here’s the beautiful thing about this design. The elements involved; simplicity, texture and color all come together to make a powerful environment. They added depth and helped present vibrant and powerful colors. They used reflective surfaces and yet had the ability to create unique dynamics in their services. Powerful design… and to think they did it without some crazy bright projector!

Sometimes we need to turn off the projection and find new ideas. This setup could have had projection, and they may have thought about it…. it’s a white base, pretty simple and would have popped really well with TripleWide Media products. But they didnt.

Environments are more about creating a space that takes people somewhere. It’s an atmosphere that invokes feeling and amplifies energy. You don’t need bigger and brighter projection, you just need to be different. Different doesn’t mean complex either. This setup is a bunch of wood and coroplast signage material form the local sign shop.

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So the next time you’re thinking about changing up your set, don’t be sucked in by all the pressure to go bigger and better. Differentially is what will allow us to continue to be fresh and creative, not brighter and more expensive. Play with what you have. Experiment with different colors and different fabrics. Try new ideas.

Now you see that those single wide resolutions we hook you up with do indeed have a purpose.

TripleWide Media is fueling the multi-screen movement by providing a collection of visual resources. Included in each motion, footage, countdown and still image are three resolutions. Buy any of these products and get access to download the Triple Wide, Double Wide and Single Wide resolutions. Sign up for a FREE account today and become a part of this amazing community.

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