Custom Pixel Mapping for Environmental Projection

Custom Pixel Mapping for Environmental Projection

We handle a lot of customer support questions especially in regard to projection mapping, technology questions, and creative setup options. Recently, Jeremy with Village Chapel in Ashville, OH encountered an issue with warping on the stage walls with their environmental projection setup. After reaching out and seeing their space, we found a great solution.

Initial Inquiry

A customer had a previously installed environmental projection system with three projectors using ProPresenter and the TripleHead2Go.  The issue they ran into was that the two of the walls they are projecting on are at fairly significant angle and not perpendicular to the projectors. It doesn’t seem like the corner pinning in ProPresenter is going to get the job done. So, is it possible to do some kind of warp adjustment with different software for this kind of set up?

Custom Pixel Mapping with MadMapper

At this point, it seemed like they needed to do some custom pixel mapping to help align the projectors, map, and mask out key areas. Definitely more than a simple mask function within ProPresenter. After we went back and forth, we received some additional photos outlining the issue more clearly.

Here is a photo that I have. They outlined the trouble areas where the image was warping. While it’s not totally clear in this image, essentially the multiple angles of the walls were causing the image to warp down towards the center in the area outlined above.

So, what suggestions would we have on how to reduce the warping they’re seeing? After consulting with the team here at TripleWide Media, we determined that MadMapper would be the way to go. We then asked for a file that showed a grid pattern to see exactly what’s going on. We wanted to be able to follow the lines to see how they flow.

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Three of these pictures are taken from the floor and one is taken from the projector location.

Seeing these images confirmed our initial thoughts and we recommended they get a program called Mad Mapper. This is a pixel mapping software that enables you to map each piece of the wall. Essentially with all of the different angles, they needed to be able to map each space individually…which is more than ProPresenter or PVP can handle. (In order to use, you’ll need to export from MadMapper via Syphon which will then allow you to use it in your environment. There are some good tutorials about the program here)

So, if you’re using MadMapper, do you need ProPresenter? Yes. The best way to describe this is that MadMapper isn’t a great “playback” engine. So you’ll either need to use ProPresenter or PVP or another presentation software to play the files (through Syphon) and then deal with all mapping, masking, etc within MadMapper. While MadMapper can work, it’s not an ideal solution.

After processing the images via MadMapper, here are some photos of a current image they are using. This image that best illustrates the problems they were having and how they utilized MadMapper to solve the issue. The reason these corrections were needed is because the projectors were not installed in the optimal spot. In order to be able to use them for Holy Week services, they had to install them about ten feet higher than would become their permanent home.

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These first two images show what the uncorrected image ran out of ProPresenter only looks like.  First from the projector level and then most importantly the floor level. You can see how warped the image is from the floor. Instead of the brick looking like it goes straight across, it appears as though it is moving up the walls.


These next two images are what the image looks like with correction from MadMapper. These images are being ran out ProPresenter into MadMapper via Syphon.  The first image is at projector level and the second is at floor level.

This last image is what the correction looks like inside of MadMapper.

So, going back to the grid, what did the final product come to? Here you go! A big thanks for Jeremy for walking through this process with us and sharing his pics!


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