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As part of our Transform Christmas series this year, we are going to look at some of the popular Christmas songs and give examples of how we might VJ each song. Our hope is that you can use all or part of the examples given. Even if the band at your church does not play every song we cover, we hope that these examples give you ideas that you can apply to your own visuals for Christmas.


Visual Worship Ideas:

Chris Tomlin’s Joy To The World (Unspeakable Joy)


The first song we curated content for was Chris Tomlin’s Joy to the World (Unspeakable Joy) [iTunes]. For the first two traditional verses of Joy to the World, we used two edgy and energetic clips, Red Ruby Twist and Crystalline Wall. These two clips had a color filter applied so that the song would have a consistent color theme.

Red Ruby Twist


Crystalline Wall





During the instrumental section between each verse, we used Spring Flower Triangles 01 to energize the transition as well as create a buffer between the similar but different clips used for each verse. We modified this clip by increasing contrast and decreasing both saturation and brightness.

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You must have noticed that this is not a Christmas clip. However, it’s the content we needed to work for this song. Don’t get stuck on one particular category or type of media. Find the best content for the song whether it’s seasonal or not.

Spring Flower Triangles 01





For the first chorus, we used Star Snow by MotionLoops.  We did not want the calming effect from the blue, Color Theory for Video and Lighting  so we desaturated the clip, making it black and white. In doing this, we realized that this clip would work extremely well as snow for environmental projection!

Star Snow




The Build

Whenever the song drops to the next verse, we immediately cut to Dwarf Galaxy by Playback Media. While the song builds, we slowly added Galactic Center Region as a building block. TripleWide Media as Building Blocks  The similar fog from both clips creates a great blend! In addition, we transitioned to a copy of Galactic Center Region with the brightness increased to continue building with the song.

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Dwarf Galaxy



Galactic Center Region



To finish out the song, we combined Star Snow and Red Ruby Twist. By using the two clips already used in the song as building blocks, we were able to create a big ending that connected back to the beginning.



Thanks for joining us for today’s Transform Christmas post on Curated Christmas Content.



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