Curated Christmas Content – Throwback Thursday

You may have noticed our recent series on 25 Christmas Songs for 2017. Take a look if you haven’t and want some inspiration: here. A couple years ago we put together a handful of Curated Christmas Content posts with our ideas on visuals for a few other songs. Today, we’re taking a look back at those as we’re so excited about the 25 songs for this year! Take a look at these great ideas below.

Curated Post 1

Last year I saw the song Light of Christmas by Owl City featuring tobyMac used as the opening song at a church. I loved it and figured that many would be using the same song, so I wanted to spend some time figuring out what visuals I would use.

Curated Christmas Content – Light of Christmas

Curated Post 3

For today’s installment of Curated Christmas Content, we are going to raise the energy level by a few notches! Today I found some great visuals by one of the newest producers on our site, MotionLoops, to go with the song “Away In a Manger” by Folk Angel, featuring Charlie Hall. This song might be used as an energetic opener to a service this Christmas season.

Curated Christmas Content – Away In a Manger

Curated Post 4

Another song we curated content for was Chris Tomlin’s Joy to the World (Unspeakable Joy) [iTunes]. For the first two traditional verses of Joy to the World, we used two edgy and energetic clips, Red Ruby Twistand Crystalline Wall. These two clips had a color filter applied so that the song would have a consistent color theme.

Curated Christmas Content – Joy to the World

Curated Post 6

This modern twist on a traditional song, made it fun to get creative, while I wanted to keep the simplicity in tact. Using only two “styles” I was able to very simply create a narrative with the visuals that would help enhance the message of this song. Take a look at Laruen Daigle’s “Noel” as curated by content on TripleWide Media. (Bonus, we added this as a new song this year!)

Curated Christmas Content – Noel
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