Curated Christmas Content – Silent Night

Curated Christmas Content – Silent Night

In our last Curated Christmas Content post, we dove into a popular Christmas song. Today, we’ve spent some time putting together visuals for one of the most widely used Christmas songs (especially on Christmas Eve.)


Silent Night has been one of the most sung Christmas songs for decades and a classic Christmas Eve service choice. As I began looking into what visuals would work for this song, I paid special attention to the arrangement as well as the type of service I was looking at adding it into.


I really wanted to focus on the simplicity of that night. Thinking about what it might have been like 2000 years ago with bright stars leading the way to Bethlehem, I wanted stay in the story.


Intro/First Verse

As I wanted to see the simplicity in this night, I chose a very simple Stars motion. Simple movement, subtle energy, and truly peaceful.

Stars | TripleWide Media

From there, I wanted to introduce a more prominent star, something for you to focus on, think about, and reflect on. A subtle fade was all I used to bring in Star of David 2. This piece added some color as well as more energy as the song started to build.

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Star of David 2 | TripleWide Media

Remember, especially with environmental projection, that speed appears faster the larger your canvas is that you’re projecting. I slowed down both of these star clips by as much as 75% to ensure that the motion would not be overwhelming.


Transition 1

As verse three begins, the song is building, the scene has been set. I wanted to start showing the light that was coming. Using Bethlehem Sky, I was able to transition subtly from the darkness to the light that was being born.

Bethlehem Sky | TripleWide Media


Transition 2/Final Verse

After bringing the lighter element into the song, I was able to start incorporating more elements of the story. The manger scene was the natural transition at this point, but I wanted to make it feel like you were on the journey to visit the Christ child. Starting with Bethlehem Large Star, the city came into view.

Bethlehem Large Star | TripleWide Media

Finally, as the song announces the birth of Jesus, I transitioned to Christmas Nativity 1 and then slowly to Christmas Nativity 2. The reason for using these two clips was to set the scene and then bring focus to the manger. Remember you can

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Christmas Nativity 1 | TripleWide Media


Christmas Nativity 2 | TripleWide Media




I chose to fade out the ending. In the moment, I may transition back to the stars or simple hold that visual of the manger scene depending on how the service ends. This is where I would spend time with the worship team and the pastor to finalize the vision of what each of them feel like the service is heading towards.


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