Curated Christmas Content – Noel

This Christmas, we’ve started a new series called Curated Christmas Content. Our hope is to help make Christmas programming a bit easier by curating your backgrounds for you! This week, I took the new song by Lauren Daigle called “Noel” and chose a few pieces of media that I thought would be a perfect fit for your Christmas Media.

This modern twist on a traditional song, made it fun to get creative, while I wanted to keep the simplicity in tact. Using only two “styles” I was able to very simply create a narrative with the visuals that would help enhance the message of this song. Take a look at Laruen Daigle’s “Noel” as curated by content on TripleWide Media:

Breakdown: Getting Started

Lets breakdown why I chose the media I wanted to choose. For everything in media, especially environmental projection and multiscreen, the right content elaborates the emotion and story that lives inside a song. I wanted to pull that emotion out. I imagined this song coming from a tender place, on a clear night sky that lead the Shepherds and the Wise Men to the Baby. So I started with Life Scribe Media’s “Christmas Savior Sky“. I went into my Media Properties (once inside my presentation software) and enhanced a bit of the saturation and contrast to give the clip a bit of a boost color-wise.

Christmas Savior Sky | TripleWide Media



Stars Falling

One of my favorite collections of media is the StarFall collection by Shift Worship. When used together, you can very strategically trigger media that tells a story. I did this very thing when putting together this song. Starting with the blank and working my way through the song, this proved to be very effective.

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As you can tell when Lauren first mentions (in the first verse) “the light of the world” I wanted to symbolize that as the bright star. Playing on the idea that this star was a symbol of the baby, but not the baby itself. It was our guide.

Christmas Starfall Collection




Pauses, Color and Transition

In any song, the removal of media can be very effective; just like a pause in the middle of a song. It provides emphasis, and allows me to refresh the palette as we come into the second verse.

One thing you’ll notice is that I changed the color. I’ve talked about color theory here before, but the story I wanted to tell was one of that cold dark night in the desert. I wanted us to feel that hibernation and depth. So I wanted to stick with Blue’s and Silvers… Removing the Gold that was originally in the media, allowed me to keep a very consistent and on-going story.

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Finally, transitions make the difference between depth and distraction. Great media transitions in a way where you almost don’t notice it… and with this song, playing off the position of the star, and the other story elements in the frame, I really wanted to make sure transitions were used well. No transition is under 1 second, and most are 5-10 seconds. All cross dissolved. Transitions that are smooth are inviting, that’s just as critical as the media I’m using.


Final Thoughts on Noel by Lauren Daigle

You may be using this song over the next few weeks, and many of you may not. However, I hope this has given you a few ideas of what you can do to increase creativity this year and transform your worship environments. It’s what Transform Christmas is all about and we have a chance to make a tremendous impact.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with all the incredible media our producers have put together for you. Check out a few of our staff favorites here.



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