Curated Christmas Content – Light of Christmas

Curated Christmas Content – Light of Christmas

Last year I saw the song Light of Christmas by Owl City featuring tobyMac used as the opening song at a church. I loved it and figured that many would be using the same song, so I wanted to spend some time figuring out what visuals I would use.



I started the song out with Intricate White Snowflakes by VJ Loops. As the beat builds, I switched to Glowing Ice Blue Snowflakes. This is the same clip as White Snowflakes, just with color added. Lining them up the clip times gave me the ability to switch clips and give the appearance that I just added color to the original clip. The second verse is shorter and does not have the intro, so I just used Glowing Ice Blue Snowflakes again.


Intricate white snowflakes on black | TripleWide Media

Glowing ice blue snowflakes & stars | TripleWide Media

TobyMac comes in with a pre-chorus. Here, I switched to Bright Lights Christmas 4 by LifeScribe Media. The upward motion of the clip worked well with the previous clip, allowing me to use a slow transition between the two clips as the music ramped into the new section. I used another slow transition to move to Bright Lights Christmas 1 for the chorus of the song. This slip is similar to what I used for the pre chorus but had different motion and an additional layer of sparkles.

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Bright Lights Christmas 4 | TripleWide Media


Bright Lights Christmas 1 | TripleWide Media


Owl City has a section where he is singing “light me up.” The music makes a sudden switch, so I did a hard cut to switch to Abstract Holiday LED Lights Pattern 4. I was able to speed this clip up to synch to the beat as best as possible. I used a similar clip, Abstract Holiday LED Lights Pattern 3, the second time we hear this section in the song.


Abstract Holiday LED Lights Pattern 4 | TripleWide Media


Abstract Holiday LED Lights Pattern 3


The bridge of the song makes a sudden drop and Owl City sings more about the meaning of Christmas. I wanted to pull something that was not just abstract to help tell the story. I found Simple Christmas 11 with a simple manger scene to do exactly what I wanted! As the bridge begins to ramp back up, I desaturated a copy of the clip and increased the brightness and contrast. This gave a cool white cloud behind the nativity scene, adding emphasis to it. I then had a star trail fly through before everything flashed to white.

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Simple Christmas 11 | TripleWide Media


Golden white, yellow & blue star trail | TripleWide Media


After the flash to white, everything went black for a split second before coming in strong with Light Streaks fast blue by Jason Norris. Whenever the light of Christmas tag comes back in, I layered Bright Light Christmas on top of Light Streaks. To finish the song out on a high note, I used Ice Kalide for the last little bit and before a hard cut to black.


Light Streaks Fast Blue | TripleWide Media



Ice Kalide | TripleWide Media





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