Curated Christmas Content – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Curated Christmas Content – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


Between Christmas concerts, church services, special events, and televised Christmas specials, there are plenty of times to need Christmas Media.


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is one of those quintessential songs that are performed at literally thousands of Christmas events each holiday season. I wanted to spend some time thinking about what visuals may work with a certain arrangement.


A little disclaimer, this is definitely  a lot more motions that I would typically use for one song, but wanted to get the effect of seeing the fire from different angles.


Verses 1-3

I really like the Dave Barnes version of the song and have always wanted to utilize some fireplace visuals in a Christmas setting. After going through the TripleWide Media catalog, I locked in on several great motions for Christmas.

Building emotion and

Log Fire – KreativityLog Fire | TripleWide Media

Campfire Loop #4 – Kenneth KeiferCampfire Loop #4 | TripleWide Media

Campfire Loop #3 – Kenneth KeiferCampfire Loop #3 | TripleWide Media

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Campfire Loop #2 – Kenneth KeiferCampfire Loop #2 | TripleWide Media

Fire Flames – Sky Light PicturesFire Flames| TripleWide Media


Verse 4

The fourth verse has the line about hanging the star on the highest bow. I wanted to play into that for the transition away from the fireplace clips without being too cheesy and using an actual star clip. These Christmas Lights series from Nick Rivero gave just enough bokeh lights and tree branches to evoke the emotion I was looking to show.

This shows how you can transition graphics in the middle of a verse without causing a big distraction.

Christmas Lights 1 – Nicholas RiveroChristmas Lights 1 | TripleWide Media

Christmas Lights 6 – Nicholas RiveroChristmas Lights 6 | TripleWide Media

Christmas Lights 3 – Nicholas RiveroChristmas Lights 3 | TripleWide Media


The Turn

As the song begins to build, this version has a musical interlude. The Colorful Christmas Lights motion added just enough energy to give the song the necessary boost.

Colorful Christmas Lights – KreativityColorful Christmas Lights | TripleWide Media



For the end, I love using this massive “Merry Christmas” graphic and adding snow on top of it to bring it to life. This is a simple way to wrap your event and send people out filled with the Christmas spirit. With some simple layering, I was able to drop the opacity of the snow clip and let it play over the graphic.

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Snowfall Slow – Church Motion GraphicsSnowfall Slow | TripleWide Media

Merry Christmas – Soul Hope StudioMerry Christmas | TripleWide Media



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