Creating a Unique Christmas Environment with Mod Scenes

Creating a Unique Christmas Environment with Mod Scenes

How many of you have dark colored walls or wooden surfaces that mean your projection just isn’t bright enough? Maybe your just tired of the same old screen surfaces you’ve seen for years and years. Or, you could just be looking for something new. If you haven’t heard about Mod Scenes yet, then today is your lucky day.

If you have run across Mod Scenes before, then you most likely have encountered their set design panels. These are abstract designs that build together to create a larger motif. They reflect light extremely well as they are simply a coroplast material (specially designed) to help create unique environments. But, did you know they also have begun creating panels to act specifically as screen surfaces?

I think one of the things I like most about this projection surface option is how much it can change a space. A lot of churches have dark walls or other surfaces that they really can’t use projection well. In these cases, simply setup some pipe and drape and hang some of these screen panels to create a space for projection.

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They can also be utilized really well as a center backdrop with your existing screens. Adding panels and a multiscreen processor can take you from a standard left/right screen setup to a stunning multiscreen environment easily. We see a lot of folks using these panels as a blank canvas for projection and light and leaving their main screens for lyrics. So, there are definitely a lot of options.

The Setup

Mod Scenes panels are really easy to put together, they just take a little bit of time, but well worth it! The panels bolt together via their custom hardware which creates a consistent and even spacing across each panel. The gap adds a geometric pattern in several options. They have diamonds, triangles, and keystone patterns. Additionally, they have a circular panel and what they call an “aggro crag” panel which is a 3D triangle. We saw this at Salt16 and fell in love with it!


So, how can you be creative with this? I would say there are some amazing options using LED Strip Tape or projection mapping. At SALT16, the team utilized projection mapping to map each triangle in order to outline, enhance shadows, and play with light and color. The 3D “aggro crag” panels really work well with this concept.

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If you are more into LED strip tape, then a great idea would be to line the gaps in between the panels with LED strip tape and pixel map the tape to match your visuals. Definitely consider this option if you have left and right screens and won’t need lyrics displayed on the panels.

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