Creating an Immersive Environment with Environmental Projection

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Church on the Rock in St. Louis is a large church with a passion for creativity and technological innovation.  They have an incredible team of  people who make it all happen.  All of their Video/Lighting is run via MIDI control through a media server using Ableton as the brain; it’s amazing to see their team run this rig, because everything is perfectly timed, and perfectly executed.  When they told me they wanted to go big for their next event, I knew they meant BIG!

I hopped on the phone with their team, and we talked through some different ideas that we could do, and what we landed on… not going to lie… I was really excited.  We decided to do Environmental Projection on the walls, and, wait for it… yup, on the ceiling!

After we flew out to St. Louis for a walk through, we decided to go with four 12,000 Lumen Projectors for the front walls, and six 7,000 Lumen Projectors to cover the ceiling; 90,000 Lumens total.

The Setup:  The Setup and signal flow was something that we needed to do simply, yet effectively.  We needed to be able to run two different computers, one that controlled the six projectors for the ceiling, and one to control the front walls.  We decided to use the DataPath X4 to control the content on the walls, and with the four DVI outputs, it was the only choice.  For the ceiling projection, we decided to run a TripleHead2Go and use a Distribution Amplifier to repeat the signal on the back part of the ceiling.  As you will see in the pictures below, the ceiling is “sectioned into two parts, the front and back, so we could repeat the signal and get the same images on both ceiling sections;  it worked quite nicely I might add.

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As you can see in the photos, there was different content on the walls and ceiling, all content was custom made specifically for their event, both ceiling and walls.  All content was motion based, so the clouds were moving along with the content on the walls to immerse the audience in the feel that the team wanted for each stage of the event.

We were happy to be able to work on a project like this, and being able to create an experience to allow the audience to be taken to the places that the event went. Check out more from this event and the other stuff we’ve been privileged to be a part of at our Orange Thread Live gallery.

Gear List

  • 2x Eiki LC-X800 (12K) – used to project on the main cyc center stage
  • 2x Christie LX120 (12K) – used for the stage left and right walls
  • 6x Eiki LC-HDT700 (7K) – used for the ceiling projection
  • DataPath X4
  • TripleHead2Go
  • 10 Reels of RGBHV
  • 3 RGBHV Distribution Amplifiers
  • 2 MacBook Pro’s
  • Misc. Power and Adapters
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All in all it was a pretty amazing weekend. If you’d be interested in doing something like this for your church, event, or event space, send us an email and we’ll get you started. We’d love to be part of helping to create and experience for your audience. Stay tuned for all our news and updates via the Twitter and Facebook.


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    Wow! This is so gratifying to realise I was one of the pioneers of this
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