Creating an Environment with Projection for your Easter Service

Transform EasterHello TripleWide Community! I know many of you are gearing up for this year’s Easter celebration and looking for ways to make it memorable. Today we will discuss how you can “Transform Easter,” by creating an environment with projection. Today we’ll highlight how some of our content is being used around the world and even get some techy insight from community members. We have a pretty incredible community! Thanks everyone…

Projection can be used to fully submerge a congregation in an environment and can enhance the visual worship experience. Moods, emotions, and thoughts can be steered towards the theme of a song or a season by engulfing people in powerful visuals. Paint the walls; create an experience. Let’s get right to the examples!

Multi-Cross 1 Teal

Multi-Cross 1 Teal” by Visual Worshiper

The Atmosphere

This beautiful image comes to us from Cody Thomas who has created a unique atmosphere with the use of environmental projection. How did he do it you ask? Cody used 2 balcony projectors with a DualHead2Go to run environmental projection on the walls. The cross stone-like wall created by EP and TWM content creates an awe-inspring atmosphere that points the congregation towards the powerful symbol of the cross. Remember to experiment with various motion backgrounds and stills until you find the atmosphere of the moment.
Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross

The Story

The two images above are exerpts from “Stations of the Cross” by worshipVJ. “Stations of the Cross” is a beautiful depiction of Christ’s journey from crucifixion to resurrection and is based upon works found in a cathedral in Poland. The pictures sent to us from Bradley Hodges show Christ’s story in triple-wide format. The larger than life images inspire awe and really do engage viewers. Bradley tells us he used to images during “O Sacred Head Now Wounded” to powerfully enhance the story told in the lyrics of the song. Bradley also states that “We have a responsibility as leaders in the church to place high value on our visual worship, knowing the impact it can have on the lives of others. How are you telling stories through your visual worship? How much thought do you put into what impact your visuals may have on someones worship experience?” Very insightful Bradley!

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Sunbeam 1 by Playback Media

Sunbeam 1” by Playback Media

The Concept

In this photo Chad Ellenburg showcases an amazing concept. Chad, who carefully crafted the visual, has graciously offered us some insight as to how he pulled this off. Two rented projectors (both under 3000 lumens) were utilized for the environmental projection. Chad tells us he used “MediaShout with a Matrox TripleHead2Go without edge blending.” He shares that he “just lined them up and tried to match colors.” He also told us it was fun to watch the responses and reactions to the projection. What creative concept could you use to inspire this Easter?

Light Lines 4 Green

Light Lines 4 Green” by Visual Worshiper

You Can Do It!

This lush green display comes to us from Brian Grider of Trinity Baptist Church. What do you first notice about the picture? That’s a lot of color. You are probably thinking that your church does not have the means or ability to create such a beautiful display. Lucky for us Brian is willing to share how he did it. Brian tells us that he used two Digital Projection 3 Chip  projectors for lyrics on 220″ screens. ProPresenter is being used to run the lyrical content.

On stage there is a 10’x26′ screen with 3 Hitachi Ultra Short Throws CP-A301N with a TripleHead2Go, ran from a 21″ iMac using ProPresenter with Edge Blending Module.

The Environmental Projection is just 2 $700 Epson 7210 projectors from Best Buy with DualHead2Go using MacBookPro Retina running another instance of ProPresenter.

We can all thank Brian for showing us how color and content can be fairly easily pieced together.

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Stained Glass - Purple

Stained Glass – Purple” by Visual Worshiper

ReImagine Your Space

The image above was submitted by Rod Long and is one of my very favorites. In fact, I may have to make it my desktop background for a while. Take a second and appreciate how the content gains character from the texture of the wall. The colored stained glass design over the brick creates a creative blend between historical and modern sanctuaries. Even though we can’t rebuild our space every week, we can re-imagine and redesign it. As we approach Easter how can you set the tone for the celebration and the season. Easter is full of rich imagery and emotion and it is your challenge to highlight that.

Rod uses a Matrox double head with a Sony VPL-CX70 projector and a Hitachi CP-3021 projector which are both about 3000 lumens. Rod is utilizing ProPresenter 5 with Edge Blending module and is projecting from about 10 meters. Well done sir!

Sacred Pano 108

Sacred Pano 108” by Visual Worshiper also submitted by Rod Long

As we approach Easter don’t be afraid to take a few chances as you attempt to create an impactful and immersive environment. There is no one-size-fits-all that can be applied here. Every space and Easter celebration is different. Take your time and be sure to match music with the appropriate content for the greatest impact. If you’d like the basics of how to get started and set up EP, check out our previous blog “How To Setup Environmental Projection.”

We are so glad to be a part of such a wonderful community. If you have any images of TWM content in action please send it our way!

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