Christmas Environmental Projection Ideas

One of the most simple things we can do this Christmas season is to create a few simple experiences that engage people’s senses… and invite them to go on a journey with us. It’s one of my favorite things to do with multi-screen technology. What I’m talking about is using content in a way that transforms our rooms and event space to take our audiences somewhere they never imagined.


This may mean taking them to a winter “wonderland” digitally and forgetting that they are inside… or maybe engaging them in a full our winter snow storm. Is it possible for people in your services/events this holiday season to forget they are inside? IF so, that would mean that we’ve done a good job of transforming our rooms to engage people visually.

We all know the power of an image…. but what we often times forget is the power of an experience. Think back to the first concert you ever went to? Or that moment on christmas morning opening the one present you begged santa to bring you when you were younger. Recall that experience when you had a life-altering experience… you didn’t forget it did you?

Often we can still smell, taste and visualize nearly every detail of those moments. So, what if we were to create those this christmas in the various organizations we were a part of, making the message we were telling the world to stick in an unforgettable way?

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I think it’s something we can absolutely do… and do well. Here’s a few examples you may want to consider.


Idea #1: Engulf the room in snow.

This is a really simple idea if you have environmental projection setup. (If not, you may want to click the link on the right of this page that says ‘environmental projection’ and look for the various posts we have made about how to get started.) It’s as easy as grabbing some of the following clips and covering your walls. Some may actually need to get a jacket because the room will seem to get colder!

Snow Falling (Slow)2010 Best Seller

Bue Snow

Snow Scape



Idea #2: A Narnia Christmas.

This idea takes the idea of snow a bit further. However it often utilizes still images instead of motions. In this case, we’re simply covering the room in a giant winter forrest. Covering the walls with tall pines, snow covered planes, or a barren road. Keep it simple and check out the following visuals to help assist in this way:

Worn Winter Road

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Winter Tree Line

Winter Landscape

Winter Forrest


Idea #3: Recreate Bethlehem.

This one is a bit tougher than the others because it takes more effort than just buying some visuals to use in a multi-screen or environmental projection setup. However this idea transforms your room to take them to Bethlehem. Using some of the following visuals and maybe some built sets in your various environments, you can actually recreate a life-size version of Bethlehem where the Son of God was born. Very powerful for those doing living nativity scenes this christmas.

Star of David 1

Star of David 2

Star of David 3

Christmas Star

Night Sky


All of these ideas and more can be a launching point for you to create experiences that will be remembered forever! Make the reason of the season stick this Christmas with visuals that captivate your audience and last for a lifetime.

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