Controlling Lights with TripleWide Media

Controlling Lights with TripleWide Media

We had the chance to spend last week at SALT18! It was an amazing week to spend time with creatives, artists, and techs who create unique environments week after week. As a long time partner with SALT, we know that having a place to catch up on a bit of work, emails, or simply sit with others over a cup of coffee can be much needed. So, we created the TripleWide Media work lounge. In order to create the right environment, we did a bit of pixel mapping, lighting, and created a space for folks to spend some time during the conference.

In wanting to keep things simple, from both a technical and environment perspective, we utilized a set piece from the SALT17 tour alongside some LED par lights to create a low key vibe. We started with MadMapper to pixel map the SALT logo. This gave us a simple canvas that stayed on brand with the conference. From there, we spread 13 lights around the room. Now, we wanted to be sure the lights continuously matched the content. Therefore, we connected the lights to ProPresenter via Syphon (this is a MacOS based protocol that enables video signal to be translated to DMX, Artnet, etc.)

Once Syphon was enabled within ProPresenter, the lights would be able to run the video content. Within MadMapper we could pinpoint what pixel point the lights would be run from and move them around as we needed. Depending on the video content you use, it is easy to set lights to a certain point to pull in a color, pattern, etc. Now, these won’t showcase the video composition per-say, but they will display the color values. You can get more detail and depth of your video if say you used LED strip tape in a pattern that enabled you to pixel map to the LED strip lights.

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Take a look at the video below of how we created a great work room vibe at #SALT18 using Triplewide Media content, MadMapper, and ProPresenter.

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