Concert Production. 1 Purchase. 3 Sizes.

We’re devoted to making multiscreen easier at TripleWide Media. Most online stock media sites force you to choose one resolution when you purchase. We think you deserve more!  That’s why we provide you with 3 resolutions to use in ALL of your setups and environments… not just the one you need right this moment. We call it 1 Purchase, 3 Sizes.

When it comes to a concert, tour or broadcast, they know this better than anyone, having multiple resolutions is critical and having the right production is sometimes the most important thing. Major Tours roll through cities across the country and around the world using multiscreen video production to create inspiring, unique and memorable concert experiences. Madonna does it, so does Maroon 5 and even American Idol!

What if there was a way to pay for the media you need the first time and get additional resolutions for FREE?!?  Welcome to TripleWide Media! 


Triple Wide Resolution

Some of the largest concerts and traveling entertainers in the world are using a triple wide or ultra wide resolution. Instead of having to create entirely custom content for every song (which can often be far outside of our production budget) we can now leverage the power of the triple wide resolution offered at TripleWide Media. See a few of the recent tours that have used this resolution:

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American Idol Stage Design Triple Wide
American Idol’s Projection Mapped Stage 2011-2013 

Starbucks Event with Bono and Edge Blended Triple Wide Screen
Starbucks Product Red event with Bono from U2

Toby Mac and Diverse City's Triple Wide Wall during Concert
Toby Mac Live Concert

Double Wide Resolution

Though the triple wide resolution is popular, often you need something that is in between triple wide and high definition aspect ratio. Enter the double wide resolution. From edge blended screens to LED walls, there’s no doubt that the double wide size is picking up steam. Instead of having to purchase multiple sizes, you can easily grab 3 sizes with every purchase of a TripleWide Media piece of content. Take a look at a few of the tours and events that have recently used a double wide design:

Maroon 5 Double Wide Concert Video
Maroon 5’s Honda Civic Tour

U2 360 content in Double Wide Resolution
U2 360 with a Double Wide Resolution (when condensed)

Justin Bieber Tour with Double Wide Main LED Wall
Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour


Single Wide Resolution

The best part of TripleWide Media’s 1 Purchase, 3 Sizes is the ability to get the single screen resolution as well. This would be like buying the HD on another site and then having to go and pay for the SD. We just give it to you at no additional cost! With the advent of projection mapping and LED video walls, the single wide resolution can still create very powerful multiscreen setups. When video and content begin to become the background to a performance, we’re able to create a powerful setting for the performer to live in and thus create an environment:

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Keith Urban Video Wall
Keith Urban Tour

Fleetwood Mac LED Wall single screen
Fleetwood Mac’s European Tour

America's Got Talent Video Wall
America’s Got Talent



1 Purchase. 3 Sizes.

Picture 11 Multi Screen Stock Media | TripleWide Media

As you can tell, 1 purchase 3 sizes makes TripleWide Media different from every other stock media site.  Simply purchase any video and you instantly have access to the single wide version, the double wide version and the triple wide version at no additional cost. No stretching, no scrunching up, all motions retains it’s artistic integrity regardless of which version you need.

Make sure to try out some of our media by checking out the Free Content we have available right now! We’re certain you’ll love TripleWide Media along with the thousands who already have an account!





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