Christmas Stage Design at Northland Church

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Here’s a few images from the event along with a basic sketch of the stage design. Take a look and see how it was all accomplished in the details below.

The Technical Details:
We rented a large format 20K Barco projector to front project for the “Spirit Break Out” dance. Then several projectors to do the environmental projection on the trees and side walls.  For the projection on the trees, there was a total of 4 outputs that were setup in a 2×2 grid. The bottom left and right handled the downstage front projected trees and the top left and right made up the the upstage trees. Each output was 1920×1080; the upstage trees used 2 projectors, blended and the downstage trees one projector. So the video created ended up with a resolution of 3840×2160. As for the side walls, there were a total of 2 outputs; side by side. Each output was 1920×1080 and each wall was covered by 2 projectors blended. So the video created was 3840×1080. MacPros running ProVideoPlayer were used for the Environmental Projection.
We chose media based on the message of the song and to fit in the overall aesthetic of Christmas. There is a large arc to the service and we used color shifts and Christmas imagery to tell the story. The opening visuals were a night sky, very stark and minimal which fit the intimate nature of the music. Then with “Spirit Break Out” we feature an innovative mix of dance and projection to signify the angels proclaiming the coming of the King. We then moved onto familiar tunes that everyone could sing with and the visuals opened up to be bright and inviting. At the end of the service we do a traditional candle lighting and used video loops of candles raising and lowering that surrounded the congregation.
There are a few pieces from TripleWide Media that the team used. Bethlehem Silhouette from Simply Still was used in “Spirit Break Out” at the high point of the song when the entire choir comes in. We then used Refracted Light 10 from Playback Media was used in “O Come All Ye Faithful.
Here are a couple of videos from the 2015 Christmas Production. The first is the clip from “Spirit Break Out” and the second is the full service. The dance was extremely intricate and programmed out frame by frame. Take a look at the blog the team from Northland put together going deeper into that process here.
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