Christmas Media Spotlight

Hey everyone –

we did this back in November for Thanksgiving, but we thought it would be good to do it again for Christmas. Here are a few good pieces of media to keep an eye on for Christmas:

1. Snow Falling (Slow)
This is the clip we are most excited about. This was seen on the Seminars4Worship tour a couple weeks ago and by using this clip and Enviornmental Projection, this video clip was able to transform an entire room. Though we can’t guarantee this will actually make a “white christmas” you can make it look like the entire room is in the middle of a snowfall! Check it out today!

Snow Falling (Slow)

2. Frosted Snowfall.
This clip has a little more of the traditional christmas feel to it. Bringing a great snowy landscape to your screens but adding a little winter flavor to it. We love this and it works surprisingly well for single screen and double wide screens. Take a look at how they made unique versions for each resolution.

Frosted Snowfall

3. Star of David 1.
Need a great starry night? This clip is sure to bring unbelievable atmosphere to your rooms and services this christmas. Make sure to take a look at all three Star of David videos, they are all tremendous.

Star Of David 1

We’ll post some more soon! In the meantime…

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Have a Merry Christmas!
– TripleWide Media

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