Christmas Environmental Projection

Monday’s on the TripleWide Media blog are traditionally Monday Mapping. Its a blog series where we hope to start off your week with inspiration with a really cool projection mapping video we have recently found online. However, since it’s Transform Christmas, we wanted knew we had to do it in a Christmas style, so we went to our friends at Mount Pleasant Christian Church in Greenwood, IN to share videos from their Christmas last year with Environmental projection.

As you know, Environmental Projection can create quite an atmosphere and bring people into a collective visual story while digitally painting on your walls. They wanted to kick off their Christmas program with a “big” intro. Here’s what Mount Pleasant Christian Church did last year. Environmental Projection was their tool.

This was a custom piece created for them by someone local to the tune Carol of the Bells:


As well, we wanted to show you one more video that was regular singing. Some of the content you will see here is actually from TripleWide Media:


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Stay tuned tomorrow as we hear from creative director Jason Dyba from Nashville, TN’s Long Hollow Baptist Church on ways to tell a story this Christmas season. Follow us on Twitter to be the first to know.


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