Christmas Comes Early – Double Bonus Credits!

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Christmas Comes Early – Double Bonus Credits!


We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! To celebrate, we’re offering Double Bonus Credits through the end of 2015. Stock up on credits that never expire to finish off 2015 and set yourself up for a great start to 2016.

Have extra budget money you’re going to lose on the 31st? Looking for unique content? Ready to install environmental projection? Then now is the best time to fill up your account with credits. Click to Refill Your Credits!


Refill Your Credits | TripleWide Media


3 Reasons to Stock Up on Credits

1. Credits Never Expire

I know that we’ve talked about this time and time again, but credits don’t expire. Ever. So, if you’re sitting on some leftover budget money you’ll lose, grab some credits. It’s a guaranteed savings account. More than that, you’ll get great media cheaper than ever!

2. Free Credits

Double bonus credits mean free credits. This means you can add from 4 to 360 free credits to your account! It’s that simple. All you need to do is get the credit package of your choice and then BOOM! Double Bonus Credits!

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3. Not Just TripleWide

Multiscreen, environmental project, and pixel mapping are just a few of the many reasons to get your content here at TripleWide Media. From single screen applications, to LED walls and environmental projection and pixel mapping, we’ve got you covered with great content for all your media needs! TripleWide Media is the place for motion graphics, still images, footage, and countdowns!




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