Christmas Environmental Projection at Country Woods Baptist Church

In preparing for Christmas, we wanted to try and show what the power of Environmental Projection can do to a Christmas program… and in doing so we wanted to try and highlight some churches who used TripleWide Media in the past. Today meet Country Woods Baptist Church in Byram, MS.

CWBC volunteers and staff have always spent a considerable amount of time and resources building physical sets for their annual christmas program. Last year they wanted to do something that would remove the gap between their set and the celling of the worship center. That’s when they turned to Environmental Projection to help them engage the audiences with visually stunning imagery. The picture above is what the final result looked like. 

In this picture you see they used Awake Images “Sacred Pano 046” to create a sacred feel while the choir sang a beautiful christmas hymn. As far as gear and setup goes, here’s what was involved:

  • TripleHead2Go
  • ProVideoPlayer (video playback software)
  • MacBook Pro
  • 3x Christie 10,000 Lumen Projectors
  • Gaft Tape and index cards.

You might be thinking, Luke – Why in the world did they need Gaft Tape and Index Cards? Well if you can tell from this image, the image had to be masked out to fit both the ceiling and the set piece. The crew also used ProVideoPlayer, a software that doesn’t support ‘masking’ within the program. Therefore, they had to resort to using tape and few index cards to “feather” out the image in areas  they didn’t want visuals to appear.

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As you can tell from the projector above, the index cards took away a lot from the overall picture including brightness. This is the reason for a 10,000 lumen projector. That room probably didn’t need it, but with covering up that much of the image it must have helped the visuals pop. Something to think about for your room if you aren’t using a software based masking program.

The overall width of the room was about 150′ and here are a few more pictures from last year’s event:


Country Woods Baptist Church is doing their Christmas program again this year and I can’t wait to see pictures.  If you live in near Byram, MS or are going to be in the area the weekend of December 1-2, make sure to go visit it in person.

If you have pictures and setup details from your previous Christmas or holiday events, feel free to send them to us. Just fill out the contact form with some details, we’ll respond, and then we can get pictures from you over email.

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