CES Recap: Top Products for Creatives

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CES Recap: Top Products for Creatives

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) wrapped up last week and a wealth of new products about to be released in the market that may help creatives be more, well, creative! We thought it would be helpful to recap the top products for creatives and give you a heads up on what you may want to be asking your friends and family to pick up at Christmas. As always, if we missed anything, be sure to let us know in the comments! 


Geonaut 360-Degree Video Camera

Geonaute – The 360-Degree Video Camera.

Here’s the down and dirty… it’s a video camera that records in 360 degrees. Load the video onto your iPad and you can scroll around as you watch your video. However, add this to the concept of multiscreen video and our producers will be able to create ultra wide panoramic with ease. It’s almost like one of those television info-commercials, “Set it and forget it!”

Link: The 360-Degree Video Camera



Sony's Ultra Short Throw 4K - TripleWide Media

Sony’s 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

It’s designed for the home use, however this may have tremendous impact for the next wave of video electronics to hit the market. Current ultra short throw units only have resolutions of 1024×768… with 4k you will see an incredible difference with the pixel density making the “honeycombing effect” in environmental projection nearly obsolete. Bummer is that the projector is only 2,000 lumens and only comes in this awkwardly long and weird box.

Link: Sony’s 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector



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Lexar's 3333x Cards and Reader - TripleWide Media

Lexar’s 3333x 256gb Flash Cards & Readers

This is big if you’re a photographer or a DSLR nut. Writing speeds are critical if we want to shoot in higher resolutions and get longer video recording out of our devices. And that’s not the only benefit of this card, it reads media at that speed too, which means lighting fast transfers to your computer. It’s almost like the one-size-fits-all flash memory card. Well done Lexar.

Link: Lexar 333x 256gb Flash Card



iPhone Controlled LED Lights - TripleWide Media

A Variety of LED iPhone Controlled Light Bulbs

We talk about color theory here from time to time. What if the lights in your office could be controlled to help you get in the “mood” of being more creative. Whether it’s planning, creating, shooting a video or just wanting to take a mid-day nap, the newest array of light bulbs may allow you to do just that.

Link: LED iPhone Controlled Light Bulbs



The 4K Monitors of CES - TripleWide Media

The world of 4K Televisions and Computer Monitors

4K is beginning to become the big buzz as everyone longs for more pixels, more resolution and crisper displays. They may not be perfect yet, but it’s hope that displays and projectors will continue to decrease in price as technology makes it more affordable to get higher density products to the market.

Link: 4K Televisions and Computer Monitors



Panono - The Panoramic Ball you can Throw - TripleWide Media

Panono – The Panoramic Ball

Above we mentioned the Panoramic Video Camera, well imagine if there was a device that took pictures in every angle in every which way… as you can imagine, that’s exactly what this little guy does. This makes taking panoramic pictures a breeze and can get some spectacular views if you get out of the way! Maybe this is what Google uses to get it’s street view pictures. The coolest part about this product is that it was designed to throw up into the air! Who needs a Helicopter and a go-pro when you have Panono?

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Link: Panono – The Panoramic Ball



The Watches of CES - TripleWide Media

Watches and Wearables

This was all the rage at CES this year with everyone releasing new products that connect to our computers and smart phones to allow us to always be connected. Since we’re talking about products that will allow you to be more creative, the biggest benefit our team finds (as several of us own the Pebble Watch) is the benefit of being able to leave your phone in your pocket and seeing on your watch while you work what’s going on. Even though it sounds crazy, it saves me time and saving time makes me more productive during the day.

Link: Watches and Wearables


What have we missed? Have you seen any products that need mentioning or any cool CES announcements that may make life a bit easier for creatives alike? Let us know in the comments.

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