Calligraphy Mapping (#173)


Calligrahy Mapping

With more and more new generation artist coming into the technology scene, and understanding how their ways of creativity fit with the evolving flexibility of projection mapping, projects like INVICTA rise to the surface. This Monday Mapping blog features the very ancient art of calligraphy being transformed into a whole new masterpiece with the help of projection technology.

This idea was brought to life by two design studios by the name of LYFT Creative Studio and Xesta Studio based in Portugal, in efforts to express their love for their city Porto. They wanted to capture the traditional medieval raw aspects of the growing city, while still paying tribute to the authentic urban-modern culture as well. They achieved this visual display by using white ink on a blackboard, and then using video projection to create an awesome variety of illusions.

We hope this video will inspire you and help you come up with some transformative ways of your own to incorporate projection mapping in all areas of your life. Enjoy the video and let us know your reactions at our social media pages. FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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