Bringing Environmental Projection to Capo Beach Church

2016 Easter-18-X2

Bringing Environmental Projection to Capo Beach Church

Capo Beach Church has been around for about 40 years, the last 30 in their current building. It’s a great building, formerly a local bowling alley. Understandably, that brings about some creative and logistical challenges. The biggest challenge was how to make it feel like church. With short ceilings, this ultra-wide room forced the staff to think outside the box.

I had a chance to speak with the Associate Pastor, Jesse Snipes and their Production Director, Mark Edmondson last week to see how they met these challenges.

For a number of years they used mostly physical, artistic sets within their stage design. It was only within the last 2-3 years that environmental projection was seen as a viable option for their space. Their first set combined EP with physical set pieces to bridge the gap between the old and the new. Most recently, (this past Easter) the team wanted to dive headlong into EP with the idea to do a complete install in the near future.

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As we stated in our first case study on EP installs, building relationships within your community to address their needs is of vital importance. Jesse explained that the community responded with incredible support for the project. So much so that a capital campaign was introduced and quickly completed to get the necessary equipment to make environmental projection a permanent part of their setup.

I asked Mark what some of the key technical aspects they focused on. He pointed at two big points. The first was projection. They needed projectors that could punch really well without breaking the bank. After trying some 5k’s the first time around, they landed on Hitachi 7k’s for the Easter setup and will be installing 7k’s as well.

Second, was masking. As Luke mentioned yesterday in 5 Ways to Perfect Environmental Projection, masking is a primary component to making an amazing EP setup. So much so that it was 2 of his 5 points! For Mark and Capo Beach, this was just the case. They needed multiple masks for a few different reasons. But the biggest reason was how the room is setup, they needed a mask to cover the room when folks were standing and one when people were sitting. The extra time, made for a better experience for their congregation and a cleaner end product.

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Environmental Projection did more than simply create an environment for worship. EP brought people together, created intimacy in worship, and illustrated speaking points for the teaching pastors.


Video from Easter Weekend

A big thanks to Jesse and the entire community of Capo Beach Church for sharing their setup and the heartbeat behind what they’re doing. All images and video courtesy Capo Beach Church.

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