The Best Still Images to get started with Environmental Projection

The Best Still Images to get started with Environmental Projection

Content is the key to telling great stories. This is that much more important when implementing environmental projection. Still images keep EP simple and help alleviate extra distractions that motions can create, especially on a large canvas. If you’re just starting out with EP, we recommend starting with stills only. This gives you the immersive environment in a safe place. A lot of motions, even subtle, can be a big hurdle for folks to overcome. Remember why you’re doing EP and start simple.


Still images are a great way to simply create an environment. They can transform your room into an unlimited amount of options. From cathedrals to clouds, from abstract designs, and intricate patterns, still images allow you to do an incredible amount with a massive canvas. Additionally, using stills will help you save some money until you’re ready to begin using motions.

Sacred Pano 046 | TripleWide Media Textured Clouds | TripleWide Media

Blue Dark Clouds | TripleWide Media Painted Clouds | TripleWide Media

Iridescence Still | TripleWide Media Crowned Glass Turquoise Still | TripleWide Media


A great way to get started with EP is to use simple still images of textures. Whether you have a plain white wall, some columns and other architectural elements, or something in between, textures can transform any surface in an amazing way. Take a look at our selection of brick textures, wooden elements, stained glass, and more to get started.

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Brick Wall | TripleWide Media Wood Boards | TripleWide Media

Design Pattern 8 | TripleWide Media Stained Glass 3 | TripleWide Media


Finally, taking people to different places is an amazing way to utilize EP. From the perspective of the cosmos, to a midwestern sunset, or a morning walk on the beach, these images will transform you to any environment. We offer hundreds of unique perspectives from different locations around the world and in the cosmos. Here’s a few images to get your started.

Blue Planet Still | TripleWide Media Indiana Sundown | TripleWide Media

Glorious Sunset | TripleWide Media Sunset over Mountain Lake | TripleWide Media Bursting Forth | TripleWide Media Harvest | TripleWide Media  Beach Boardwalk | TripleWide Media

As you begin to get started with environmental projection, take the time to figure out what visuals you need. Find great still images that match the story and transform your environment. Want to know more about EP? Click here.

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