The Best Posts of 2014

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Best Posts of 2014

We wanted to recap last year’s best blog posts… the ones that got your attention, they exposed great information, pushed the creative envelope and shared the most on the social media (reminder: follow us on Twitter and Facebook!) These are THE BEST POSTS of 2014 from TripleWide Media.


Best Posts #5: LED Strip Tape

Best Posts: DIY Led Strip Tape

This past Christmas we did a new series of YouTube videos to help you as you explore new ideas, use multiscreen video and push the creative limits within you. It was a big success, and this one in particular caught the attention of so many people in our community. It’s only a month old and it’s the number 5 viewed post of the entire year. It’s stocked full of a ton of great resources from two of my great friends. Check it out here

Link: Do It Yourself LED Strip Tape Tribe Talk. 


Best Posts #4: The Top Multiscreen Setups

Best Posts: Top multiscreen

For our team, this year has been about getting you involved in more multiscreen visual setups and designs. So it’s fitting that our #3 post of last year was one on the top multiscreen setups. View Tim’s list of the best setups and start exploring new ideas this year.

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Link: Top 5 Multiscreen Setups


Best Posts #3: Sochi Olympics

Best Posts: Behind the Scenes

One of the biggest events in 2014 was the Winter Olympics… and we worked hard to uncover all the juicy behind the scenes details of the opening ceremonies. There are some incredible things that took place during the 4 hour ceremony. If you didn’t see this post, check it out here.

Link: The Technology Behind the Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremonies


Best Posts #2: The Wide Guide

Best Posts: The Wide Guide

As I mentioned, we wanted to help get more people exposed to the secrets of Multiscreen Technology… and as a part of that mission, I released an ebook on multiscreen designs and technology. In reality it’s a collection of blueprints for those wanting to design their own multiscreen setups. Amazingly this was our 2nd most popular post of 2014.

Link: The Wide Guide: Blueprint for The Multiscreen Movement.


Best Posts #1: Top VJ Software

Best Posts: Top 6 VJ Softwares

Here it is… the number one post of the year. Almost 20,000 unique hits on the site and a great buzz in the VJ community. We looked into the top 6 softwares for VJing and gave the pro’s and con’s of each software. This is a must read post now of the TripleWide Media community. If you haven’t seen it, check out what our top 6 are.

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Link: The Top 6 VJ Software for Multiscreen Video


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