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We’ve found that geometric design and shapes are the “in” thing right now. So we decided to pull some of our favorites and best selling motion backgrounds, still images and visuals with cool geometric shapes, designs and elements. You can view all of them by looking at the Geometric Shapes collection we’re currently featuring, but in the meantime here are the best geometric designs:


#10: Desert & Shapes

Best Geometric Design - Number 10

This geometric design comes from Joe Cavazos and uses design so well here to bring your focus toward the middle while keeping the natural elements as the key texture. Check this still image out here.

#9: Carbon Burnt Orange

Best Geometric Design - Number 9

This geometric design comes from Church Motion Graphics. Our team likes this one because it’s all about the geometric lines and convergence of various shapes. It’s such a unique texture and motion that we had to put it on the list. Check out this motion video here.


#8: Diamonds Blue

Best Geometric Design - Number 8

This geometric design comes from Playback Media. They’ve done such a good job providing a texture here that works well for environmental projection, a single screen or even as an element for your own custom graphics. It also comes in HD! Check out this motion video here.

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#7: Color String & Lines Pattern

Best Geometric Design - Number 7

This geometric design comes from VJ Loops. This video takes geometry to the next level by adding incredible contrast, bold colors, and repetition of various shapes to create this great loop for higher energy moments. Check out this motion video here.


#6: Big Shape Inwards

Best Geometric Design - Number 6

This geometric design comes from Church Motion Graphics. Using a Chevron-like design element, particles and a great background texture this one is perfect in almost any live event. It’s brother is also on the list. Well done Jeff! Check out this motion here.


#5: Spring Clouds 04

Best Geometric Design - Number 5

This geometric design comes from Centerline New Media. They’ve got a whole series for spring that includes diamonds, polygons and other great geometric shapes, and this one made the list of best geometric shapes. Check out this motion video here.


#4: Centroid

Best Geometric Design - Number 4

This geometric design comes from Life Scribe Media. This brings into account 3D space and 3d Shapes making it number four on our list of best geometric designs. Great use of depth too! Check out this motion video here.


#3: Sky Diamonds 5

Best Geometric Design - Number 3

This geometric design comes from Playback Media. They made this along with a series of incredible cloud graphics. It’s just a still image but still punches some heat with great design. Check out this best geometric design image here.

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#2: Low Poly Surface Emerald

Best Geometric Design - Number 2

This geometric design comes from Church Motion Graphics again! A great use of poly, and a motion graphic that is in a category that few others are in… low poly. Check out this geometric design here.


#1: Retrometric Blank

Best Geometric Design - Number 1

This final design comes from Church Motion Graphics. They’ve got so many great designs we couldn’t pass this one up. It’s no question the best use of geometric designs and why it made number one on our best geometric design list. Check out the video background here.



That’s our best geometric designs and we’re adding to this collection all the time. If you have a favorite, let us know! And make sure to check out the entire collection of geometric shapes on TripleWide Media.


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