The Best Easter Content

The Best Easter Content | TripleWide Media

The Best Easter Content

What makes content great? What makes creative directors, pastors, worship leaders, and tech directors continually choose these pieces of content?

They tell the story. The content isn’t just flashy; it’s doesn’t just look good on your walls, screens, or TV’s. It speaks the message of Easter.

They declare the glory of God. They express the beauty, majesty, and pain of His suffering to bring us hope, reconciliation, and joy. The Best Easter Content bridges the gap between the spoken word, songs, and sermons and the imagery that those stories detail.

The Best Easter Content enhances the message.

We have a lot of great Easter Media here at TripleWide Media, below you’ll find the 10 Best Selling Easter Motions and Stills. Find the content that tells your story in a relevant way.

Top 10 Best Easter Content – Motions

1. Names of God – Rise (Visual Worshiper)

Names of God - Rise | TripleWide Media

2. Sacred Cathedral 1 (Playback Media)

Sacred Cathedral 1 | TripleWide Media

3. Easter Typography – Black (Kreativity)

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Easter Typography (Black) | TripleWide Media

4. Glorious (Church Motion Graphics)

Glorious | TripleWide Media

5. Crown of Thorns (Playback Media)

Crown of Thorns | TripleWide Media

6. The Cross 3 (Life Scribe Media)

The Cross 3 | TripleWide Media

7. Sacred Cathedral 4 (Playback Media)

Sacred Cathedral 4 | TripleWide Media

8. Creation Sky 02 (Centerline New Media)

Creation Sky 02 | TripleWide Media

9. Colorful Easter Sunday 03 (Centerline New Media)

Colorful Easter Sunday 03 | TripleWide Media

10. Easter Sky Blank (Shift Worship)

Easter Sky Blank | TripleWide Media


Top 10 Best Easter Content – Stills

1. Broken For You (Joe Cavazos Design)

Broken For You | TripleWide Media

2. He Is Risen (Soul Hope Studio)

He Is Risen | TripleWide Media

3. Resurrection Sunday (Fight The Current)

Resurrection Sunday | TripleWide Media

4. Good Friday (Joe Cavazos Design)

Good Friday | TripleWide Media

5. Good Friday (Fight The Current)

Good Friday | TripleWide Media

6. Stations of the Cross – 6 (Illuminate)

Stations of the Cross - 6 | TripleWide Media

7. Sunrise Center (Visual Worshiper)

Sunrise Center | TripleWide Media

8. Empty Tomb (Simply Still)

Empty Tomb | TripleWide Media

9. Sunrise Morning (Simply Still)

Sunrise Morning | TripleWide Media

10. Red Crown of Thorns (Simply Still)

Red Crown of Thorns | TripleWide Media



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