Best Easter Backgrounds

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Best Easter Backgrounds

Yesterday we talked about Implementing Environmental Projection for Easter. We included a list of some of our go-to categories for media. Today, I want to walk through some great options for Easter content and how you can use them as part of the story.


One of my favorite options for environmental projection (EP) content is using cathedrals and stained glass. It takes us back to a time when churches were an all encompassing story. These were magnificent structures where artists spent years pouring their lives into the art depicted there. Using an image of a cathedral for EP will completely transform your space and take your congregation to another place and time. Below are a few of my favorites.

Rome Church 1 | TripleWide Media

Saint Alkelda | TripleWide Media

Sacred Pano 046 | TripleWide Media

Chapel of the Saints 1 | TripleWide Media


Names of God

Sometimes a service just needs simplicity. It needs a reminder of who God is and what he stands for. Running some of the Names of God motions can bring your congregation back to a place of surrender and worship. Consider using these at the end of your service to send people out with a great sense of who God is.

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Sacred Name Digital Bundle | TripleWide Media

Names of God - Rise | TripleWide Media

Praise His Name Shine | TripleWide Media

Attributes of God Countdown | TripleWide Media



Particles motions bring energy to your services. As we’ve said before, you do need to be careful using particles with EP as the motion can be a bit overwhelming on such a large scale. Find subtle motions that work with the story. I like some that include cosmos elements as they speak towards the heavens.

Vibrant Starfield | TripleWide Media

Ethereal Space | TripleWide Media

Red Nebulae | TripleWide Media

Evening Forest | TripleWide Media


Brick & Stone

Textural elements are a great place to start when implementing environmental projection. Textures allow you to transform your space without the added distraction that motion can cause. It’s always good to walk before you run, especially with EP. Take it slow and use textures to adjust your environment.

Brick Wall | TripleWide Media

Urban 1 | TripleWide Media

Texture Still 2 | TripleWide Media

Stone Wall | TripleWide Media


Solid Colors

Sometimes a story calls for a solid, vibrant color. Colors can evoke emotions on many different levels. We have talked about color theory before, but using certain tones such as blue or green can bring a somber mood whereas orange and reds add vibrancy and energy.

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Soft Color Red | TripleWide Media

Watercolor Blue | TripleWide Media

Solid | TripleWide Media

Watercolor Purple | TripleWide Media

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