Best New Years Eve Countdowns

Best New Years Eve Countdowns | TripleWide Media

Best New Years Eve Countdowns


If you’re looking for the Best New Years Eve Countdowns, then you have come to the right place. From 10 seconds to 5 minutes, the countdowns here on TripleWide Media come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs.

It all depends on what you’re needing this New Years Eve and what type of event you’re having. If you’re doing a large youth event, you might want a 5 minute countdown to have some time for everyone to get together. If it’s a small club style event, you could consider using a general countdown on the screen and then popping into a stylized 10 or 60 second countdown timer for the final seconds before the new year.


New Years Countdowns

While this is not an exhaustive list, here’s a snippet of what it on the site including some of what we see as the best New Years Eve Countdowns.


Classy Gold Countdown

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Classy Gold Countdown | TripleWide Media


Exploding Fireworks over a Virtual City

Exploding Fireworks Over a Virtual City | TripleWide Media


Party Lights Countdown

Party Lights Countdown | TripleWide Media


Ten Second Sparkle Countdown

Ten Second Sparkle Countdown | TripleWide Media

10 Second Space Countdown with Flash

10 Second Space Countdown With Flash | TripleWide Media


10 Second Golden Yellow Text Countdown

10 Second Golden Yellow Text Countdown | TripleWide Media


Watercolor Countdown

Watercolor Countdown | TripleWide Media


60 Second Black & White Countdown

60 Second Black & White Countdown | TripleWide Media


Glitter Gold Countdown Timer

Glitter Gold Countdown Timer


5 Minute Space Digital Countdown

5 Minute Space Digital Countdown | TripleWide Media


5 Minute Golden Particles Countdown5 Minute Golden Particles Countdown | TripleWide Media


If you’re looking to create a fun environment this New Years Eve, then create a consistent theme with your media, set dieting, and content. The best countdowns will fit right in with your theme.



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