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The Best Christmas Media

We get asked for recommendations a lot. What are our favorite pieces of content? What do we use for our Christmas events and services? What candle loop or image is the best? What motion will really evoke this emotion? Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The Best Christmas Media creates the right environment for the story you’re telling. It brings your audience into the story and captivates their hearts, minds, and imaginations. The Best Christmas Media is not a one size fits all collection, but an opportunity to find what you need for your service and create a moment that impacts lives.

The Best Christmas Media is what creates the right environment for the story you’re telling.

Sure, I could write a list of my favorite Christmas media. I could tell you which pieces to use with this song or that song and how to build emotion and energy over the course of a song or a service. But the Best Christmas Media is much more than that.

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Here’s 3 things to consider when pulling together your media for Christmas.

1. Does it match the environment you’ve created?

Stage design is important. Consider your room, music, audience, and set pieces that you’re using. As you choose media, you want it to match and add to the environment you’ve created. Looking for some tension in you’re environment, even then you need to choose the right piece that builds that tension without becoming a distraction.

2. What is the story you’re telling?

Sure it’s Christmas, but you have to ask what story you’re telling. A lot of churches focus on the nativity scene and the birth of Christ. Others lean into the prophecy of Isaiah, the story of Joseph, the wise-men or the shepherds. Spend some time thinking about the songs, the message, and the audience you’ll have on hand. Build your media from there to tell the story.

3. Sometimes simple is better.

I think lots of time we get caught up in too many elements; too much movement; too much to take in for one moment. Sometimes you need simplicity for the story to take over and been seen and heard. Perhaps it’s a single candle, a still image of the nativity or visual silence that allows those in the room to breathe and see what they need to be seen.

Sometimes you need simplicity for the story to take over and been seen and heard.

We want to say Merry Christmas! This wraps up Transform Christmas 2014; a Merry Multiscreen Christmas filled with creativity, inspiration, intentionality, fun, and the story that stands the test of time.

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Merry Christmas!

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