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The Benefits of Environmental Projection | TripleWide Media


We’ve talked a lot about the “how to setup”, “the main ingredients involved” etc, but rarely do we talk about the why behind environmental projection. In this post, I hope to shed a little bit of light on the benefits of environmental projection so you can see why you may want to incorporate this into your next event or gathering. In the end, there’s incredible power to be harnessed with this technique, and we want to be your guide through the setup and execution process to help you become the best you can.

Without further ado, here’s the 11 benefits of environmental projection:


1. Dynamic Environments

We can’t talk about the benefits of environmental projection without calling attention to the first element of impact; the opportunity for dynamic environment. With traditional set design or stage designs, they are static. They don’t change, but with EP, we gain an opportunity to make a landscape come to life. From a static environment to something with incredible dynamic opportunity.

2. Less “Platform” Tension

When you walk into a typical worship or production environment, the first thing you notice is that everything is seemingly focused on the lead musician or singer. With this in mind, there is an opportunity to put a big barrier between those on the platform, and those off the platform. We believe that environmental projection has the opportunity to break that tension, and create a level ground for everyone in the room. Because they’re now on a virtual “stage” with the EP surrounding them the entire time.

3. Greater Communication Stickiness

The benefits of environmental projection don’t just center around the music, but this point specifically talks about speaking (pun intended). Whenever we add a visual setting to a teaching moment or a big idea, it inherently becomes far sticker with your audience or community. If we could take the knowledge of studies from MIT that show we can retain a much greater amount of information when coupled with a visual element, we can drastically increase the effectiveness of our teaching and speaking when in an atmosphere or space that uses EP.

4. More Intentional First Impressions

Think about the last event, meeting or service you attended that you weren’t involved in. Odds are good that before anyone got on stage, there were video advertisements of things going on or product you should know about on screen. If they weren’t video, then there were likely still images. With Environmental Projection, one of the benefits we gain is the opportunity to set the stage and start telling a story through the design of the room, and not make it entirely about product. Thus, we get to convey heart, purpose, vision and information long before anyone speaks or sings from the stage.

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5. Connects a Series of Gatherings

Since visuals help us see a connection between a variety of separate and distinct thoughts, one of the other benefits of environmental projection is to use it in connecting a series of events, teachings, thoughts or services within one greater idea. Lets say you’re doing a multi-city conference, environmental projection consistency may help connect these seemingly separate events. Or lets say we’re going to do a multi day or multi week series of events, that all point to that same big idea. EP can help us visual connect them, and allow our attendees to see that connection in more than just words, giving them a hook to hang their hat on metaphorically speaking.

6. Heightened Sense of Belongingpicture of immersive - benefits of environmental projection

Every character in a story needs a setting, and with environmental projection, you’ll be able to theoretically give every member in your congregation or audience an opportunity to connect with the greater story and feel a sense of belonging. Your hope, in every meeting or service you plan, is to help them feel invited, welcomed and encouraged to participate or engage on a deeper level. That’s where Environmental Projection can help them feel like they’re participating and not just watching something as a bystander.

7. Cost Effective

Okay, so Environmental Projection may be a bit costly on the front end, but think about it this way, you won’t have to spend the thousands of dollars over time on physical set designs that rarely can be recycled into a future design. This means you set it up once, and now you’ll have far lower costs to create those dynamic environments week after week or event after event. (plus, projection is far easier to setup than wooden flats and painted backdrops, in my opinion.)


8. Ensures High Contrast

For introverts, they want a room where contrast exists. They love dark spaces with candles, because it creates a soothing and relaxing environment for them to process, engage and think about what’s being presented in a deeper manner. Another benefit of Environmental Projection is that it forces natural contrast in the room. For the images to be seen on the walls, the room has to naturally be darker, allowing the imagery to bring a natural contrast to the room, helping introverted personality types to feel welcome.

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9. Vast Content Options

Early in the adoption of EP, it was almost required to have a full time graphic designer or motion designer to provide and produce content for your environment. Now with the incredible content library that is available with a TripleWide Media, the content opportunities are nearly endless, saving you considerable costs overt time. We did a post a while back highlight the benefits of stock media over custom that I’d recommend checking out. But the benefit of environmental projection is that you have TripleWide Media to help you with virtually any backdrop that you’d want.

10. Create Layers of Visual Storytelling

Because of the typical size, another benefit of environmental projection is the opportunity to layer concepts together, like visual building blocks. We can now take one visual, and create a wall of visual that connect, or we can take one motion and layer another on top of it, to create a whole new look. This adds incredible versatility in visual storytelling and a great opportunity for production to make an impact on the room at large.

11. A Multipurpose Set Design Tool

Do you operate in a space that is used for a variety of purposes throughout the week? Maybe you’re in a church that uses it for adult services on the weekend, and youth services on Sunday. Maybe you’re in a school where it’s a gymnasium during the day for basketball, volleyball or other sports, and then in the evenings and on weekend it becomes a place for the theatrical group to be a stage for your storytelling. Regardless, the use of environmental projection as a digital backdrop becomes a real opportunity for every event to have a different look, and not affect the effectiveness of the other events in the space.

Side projection benefits of environmental projection

As you can tell, there are a multitude of benefits of environmental projection that you can employ by putting this technique to use in your atmospheres and environments. Feel free to check out the rest of our resources for environmental projection here.

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