Behind the Visuals with Joe Cavazos

If you haven’t seen Joe Cavazos‘, one of our newer producers, work then you have been missing out. I personally think his detail and style of his work is just remarkable. He has made a fairly good collection of still images available to our community lately and I always look forward to seeing his new uploads on the site.

One of my personal favorites is his “Broken for You” that is currently our Easter best-seller! So we asked Joe if he would walk us through the basic process of how he made this image. So here is “Behind the Visuals” with Joe Cavazos:

This project started back in early October. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to spend this much time on a piece. Three months might not be that long to some, but for a guy who’s used to turning several projects on a weekly basis, three months is an eternity.

In November, I reached a point where I felt this project was complete. I believe it was more me trying to shelve it due to already spending a month on it. This is the beauty of personal projects, one can decide when it’s finished.

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The illustration is inspired by the last supper of Christ, but more specifically the verse in 1 Corinthians 11:24, where He says “this is my Body which is broken for you.”

This technique was heavily inspired by some of the geometric design that I’ve seen on the intrawebs and dribbble, but most heavily influenced by the work from , those guys are killing it.

Below are some screen shots taken throughout the process.


Just spectacular Joe! What I love is that he let scripture drive the design and style of this piece. I hope this is something that you can consider using for Easter or maybe even Good Friday.

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