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What it takes to make Visual Media Church Content.

Hello! My name is James Alexander Adams and part of the 2 man team that makes up Visual Media Church. I ended up creating Visual Media Church after continuously hearing at my church the frustration that all church backgrounds were starting to get a little repetitive.

As I started to look myself for options for something other than particles I was amazed to see that there were very few options for creative and intriguing content. There were some nature backgrounds and a few non-particle based products available but no one was doing it consistently. What I realized was that the reason no one was creating anything new or different is because they were all by definition motion graphic artists.

The reason people were not creating new and fresh content wasn’t because they didn’t want to, it was because they either didn’t know how to or didn’t want to leave the comforts of their office to go out and get it. What I had that was different was a video production company that was already working on projects that took me to amazingly beautiful places.

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What it takes to create.

In capturing our beautiful backgrounds we often devote an entire week of sleeping cars or vans, staying up to 2am, only get up again at 6am. It takes going to locations on off hours or off times of the year to avoid the onslaught of selfie sticks that dominate a beautiful waterfall or scenic overlook. All of the content you see from Visual Media Church is 100% captured by us and edited by us.



Our first trip was to Iceland. The initial trip to Iceland was to film a music video, so it naturally worked well to spend the extra time there filming the first set of backgrounds for Visual Media Church. At that time we were using a Canon 6D and GH4 and more recently we upgraded to the URSA mini 4k.

Iceland provided some of the most breath taking landscapes, dynamic lighting and amazing weather. During that week trip I slept in van on locations and because of the time year shot and drove from location to location from 6am to 2am. The hardest thing about that first content trip was the weather, if it wasn’t raining or snowing the wind was always howling at gale force.

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What makes Visual Media Church content different is that we spend time, money and extensive amounts of energy on capturing and editing the content. Our content cannot be just created by sitting in an office and opening up after effects, for us, we need to spend the time and money to capture the beauty of what is around us.




What I love most about Visual Media Church is seeing how people use what we worked so hard to capture and create, it is a labor of love and nothing feels better than opening up Instagram or Facebook and seeing a background we created being used to enhance the church worship experience.



Earth 02 - Daylight | TripleWide Media Oceans 8 | TripleWide Media Into the Mountains 2 | TripleWide MediaRemix 10 | TripleWide Media Coastal Break 4 - Waterfall Loop | TripleWide Media Burst 02 | TripleWide MediaCity Loop 2 | TripleWide Media Foss 12 | TripleWide Media Star Trails 10 | TripleWide Media


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