Environmental Projection Before & After Pictures

I get the opportunity to travel to various organizations and teach about environmental projection fairly often. When I share this powerful tool in visual production, I always show a series of Environmental Projection Before & After Pictures to illustrate the how much of a difference color and imagery can add to a room. These pictures provide a “wow” factor that people can relate to. They see their own rooms in the before and before their very own eyes, the rooms come to life!

My friend Camron Ware first exposed me to the idea of showing a before picture and an after picture when sharing this new visual concept.  I don’t think I have ever done a presentation since where there isn’t one person in the room that wants me to email these pictures to them…. so I got to thinking, “Why not just put them on the blog for everyone?”

That’s exactly what this post is, a collection of a few before and after pictures of rooms of all sizes to inspire, equip and showcase the power of triple wide media, environmental projection and powerful content. Unfortunately I don’t have all the technical specs of each picture, so I wasn’t able to post them.  However, if you are interested in learning more about this or possibly bringing one of our team members out to learn how this can be done cost effectively in your room or for your next event, please don’t hesitate to contact our team here. We would love the opportunity to be a part of your journey to creating visual environments.

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Environmental Projection Before & After Pictures

(Simply drag the slider to the left or right or click on the links below each image)

I want to go ahead and mention that the majority of these pictures are churches. Though TripleWide Media’s desire is to resource organizations and events of all types, backgrounds and beliefs, it should be noted that the majority of uses of environmental projection have been in the visual worship movement (more specifically the Church). The Church is beginning to create visual atmospheres where people get lost in the beauty of creation, the majesty of art and the wonder of God.

Hopefully this is an inspiration to you.  Whether you’re a church or not… visuals and art create virtual atmospheres that can surround your audience and include them in an experience. We’re taking audiences from bystanders to participants. For you, this may be as simple as a powerful still image or as complex as a well branded custom “walk-in look” for your corporate gathering.

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Thanks to Camron Ware of Visual Worshiper, Stephen Proctor of worshipVJ and Dexter Evans of Highland Park UMC for contributing pictures to this post.

TripleWide Media is fueling the multi-screen movement by providing a collection of visual resources. Included in each motion, footage, countdown and still image are three resolutions. Buy any of these products and get access to download the Triple Wide, Double Wide and Single Wide resolutions.

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