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A few months back I was sitting with a friend before the SALT Conference and we were talking about the concept of visuals in our services at my church and how we’ve been using visuals to tell stories without narrative. He immediately became quite curious about non-narriative storytelling.

He was a bit surprised that a small part of our vision is to encourage and equip the church to tell great story with their space, with their walls and with their visuals. Story is told through narrative, but it’s also told through setting and space. I’m convinced that we’re all storytellers, some of us just don’t know it yet.

transform christmas-Becoming A Storyteller

For those who that last sentence may have flown by…

You and I are storytellers.
We’re all storytellers… our medium may be unique,
but we’re all storytellers.

If you’re like me, and you work for a church (volunteer, part-time or full-time), then you’re well aware that the people who attend may be in your building for a matter of twenty to thirty minutes before any leader steps up to share anything about what you believe.

Don’t worry about it being a funny short film or sending the drama team on stage… your atmosphere and environment can usher people into a story (a narrative) without saying a single word aloud or typing a single character on screen.

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Everything speaks.

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about putting advertisements on the screen for the next gathering during this time either. The window of time I’m talking about is the opportunity to engage the heart and mind, beginning to open the door of imagination through which truth can be more deeply explored.

My friend and I sat and pondered some of the various ways you and I can tell story through our space, talking about texture, depth, color, music, people, scents, smells, etc. And then I had a realization.

You ARE telling a story right now with your environment. You may not know it, but you’re space is conveying some sort of message… maybe it’s a message of an environment where the sick go with stark white walls and florescent, cool lighting fixtures that reminds people of a hospital. Or maybe it’s a welcoming log cabin with leather chairs, a fireplace and dark walls that welcome people into a homey environment. One appeals to me more than the other, but don’t miss the point–both are telling a story.

We’re all storytellers.

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You’re probably better at narrative than I am. Your gift may be telling stories on the fly with your friends, or you may be really good at telling a story through a digital medium. However there is an opportunity to share something with your environment…

What story are you telling?



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