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Articles. Resources. Ideas. Inspiration.

Welcome to the new TripleWide Media Articles site. Beyond simply a blog, Articles is a new way to be inspired. We want you to be able to dig into topics, find new ideas, and create amazing experiences for your community. This is a project that we’ve been working on for a while now and we are incredibly excited for the launch day to finally be here. So, what exactly is this site? We hope it’s a place where big ideas come to life, where creativity is unleashed, and where learning never stops.

Big Ideas

Whether you run the tech department for a multisite church, video switcher for a tour, or are simply searching for new ideas for a stagnant community, there are solutions here for you. From simple navigation, to clean design, and image driven content, you’ll be able to quickly find the answers you’re looking for. We will be discussing big ideas from content and creativity, to technology and resources, we’ve got it all.

Change Feeds Creativity

You may be wondering why we revamped the site. If you’re like us, a change of venue, a different view, or even a quick walk can spark creativity. There’s something about change that ignites ideas. I’ve been known around the office to rearrange my work space from time to time. I crave change. It gets my blood flowing and shows me things differently.

Always Keep Learning

I admit it; I have a Pinterest account. Sure, a lot of it is recipe ideas, organizing, and home improvement projects my wife may want me to get around to someday. Have you ever gotten sucked into a rabbit trail on Pinterest? It’s a black hole that never seems to end.

We wanted something clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Related posts, curated topics, and fresh ideas will enable you to keep digging, keep learning, and keep coming up with creative solutions to problems we might encounter.





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