Are you ready for Christmas?


Are you ready for Christmas?

Do you realize that Christmas is one week from today? Don’t stress out. We’ve got you covered. From seasons and series, recent uploads, and curated Christmas content, we’re your one stop shop for all your Transform Christmas needs.

This has been such a fun month of Transform Christmas. What are some ideas you are coming up with to transform your services and events? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter!


Here’s some of the fun you may have missed already this month.

The Evolution of DIY LED:

DIY LED isn’t a new concept. By this point in time, we’re probably all at least vaguely familiar with what LED strip tape is. As it’s been around a few years now, it’s finally crossed the threshold of affordability and general availability. It’s hard to believe what this stuff was costing just three or four years ago, now not only can you by a roll of white LED for $10, but you can buy it on Amazon Prime while you’re at it… [read more]

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360° Environmental Projection:

Today on Transform Christmas, we wanted to take a look at Trinity Fellowship Church, in Amarillo, TX and what they have been doing with 360° Environmental Projection! I talked with their lighting designer, Kevin Penrod, to learn more about how he pulled this off…[read more]


4 Reasons Why Great Visuals Matter for Christmas:

We’ve been in Transform Christmas for a couple of weeks now, and furthermore this is our 5th Year Anniversary for a massive Christmas campaign. So why make a big deal? Why do great visuals matter for Christmas? Why should we care to curate great motion backgrounds, visual images and digital sets this year? Here are my 4 reasons…[read more]


In case you forgot…

Series and Seasons | TripleWide Media

Featured Series

Series and Seasons were introduced earlier this year to make it easier for you to find the media you want. Wether it’s a seasonal piece or that right particle clip, start your search with our curated content.

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