Are you a cook or a chef?

Are you a cook or a chef? | TripleWide Media

Are you a cook or a chef?

If you’re anything like me, watching cooking shows can be quite fascinating. From the professionals like Bobby Flay to the amateurs on shows like The Worst Cooks in America, there are countless levels of skills in the kitchen. Some folks are better at baking while some might be considered grill masters. There are folks who know everything about spices and flavor combinations and some still who can cook a dish to perfection without really following a recipe. While all of the people within these groups would be considered cooks, only a select few would be considered chefs. The definition of a chef is a professional cook or the chief cook in a restaurant. This means they’re the one in charge, the boss, the leader.

A Chef is the one who ultimately takes responsibility for the work of the entire team. With that, comes constant learning, tweaking, and mastering of skills.

“Everyone starts as a cook, but the chefs are those who are persistent and ask questions. They’re lifetime learners, they’re leaders, and they’re constantly trying to get better. That’s what environmental projection’s fifth ingredient is all about, learning to learn. Eventually, you’re all going to be chefs driving silver BMW Z3’s with the top down … but it’s going to be a journey that takes some time.” Excerpt From: McElroy, Luke. “Environmental Projection: The Collision of Modern Technology and Sacred Space.

Whether you’re running environmental projection, a triple wide setup, or an edge blend, you are creating an immersive environment for your congregation. We want you to think beyond the technology and look at the bigger picture of what you’re trying to accomplish. EP is a powerful tool that can affect people far beyond the moments that they are in your room. Never stop learning. Never stop dreaming. Never stop growing in your craft. Be a chef!

Content – A key ingredient for Environmental Projection:

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