Architectural Projection Mapping (#129)

By September 21, 2015Monday Mapping

Monday Mapping

Architectural Projection Mapping

Monday Mapping is back! With a nod to the traditional, where story, sound, color, and light come together to wow the senses. It’s fun to project abstract materials, patterns, and colors to create something new on something old.

Translated from the original video page:

“On the facade of City Hall, Marseilles Univup studios have concocted a monumental 3D projection composed of musical tableaux featuring a series of spectacular special effects.
The soundtrack inspired by classic revisited symphonies and music is the work of the company and fully dressed images. It will evolve gradually, playing his power and his notes to enliven small to small architecture of the building.
“Music Magic: The Walls of sound” was commissioned by the city of Arles with a totally new scenario for this Christmas 2014: the key words will be movement, energy, dynamism, especially poetry and magic. A magnificent “trompe-l’oeil” offered spectators a breathtaking illusion with an explosive end!”

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Monday Mapping is our longest running series of ideas, inspiration, and amazing displays of projection mapping. Be sure to check out the others we’ve posted to Facebook and Twitter.

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