Creativity within the church community is constantly growing and changing. Today, technology is allowing the church to incorporate production elements that would have been unthinkable or far too costly to attain. But through advances in projection technology, software, media supply, and training, the church tech community is more equipped then ever to bring new resources, tools, and visual story telling elements to their congregations.

In 2012, we got to be part of a unique Easter experience. A church community just south of Nashville had an idea to create an immersive environment around their Easter Sunday message. They brought our team in to help take their vision from concept to reality. It was a crazy idea, and honestly one that we had been wanting to do for some time, but hadn’t had the opportunity yet to try.


They had a desire to create a truly immersive environment where their congregation would literally be worshipping under a massive tree canopy. In order to do this, we had to project onto the ceiling. It was amazing. Over the course of the service the tree began to grow from a small sapling to a massive tree covering the entire space as the pastor walked the congregation through the message. We were able to take their vision and transform the environment. The message never got lost behind the visual, it simply added to the story.

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There were many different thoughts when this idea was brought up. From concerns over the logistics of such a task to concerns over the concept and how the story would be told in this manner. And frankly, concerns over the why. The church leadership team had a clear vision behind the idea. The story trumped the media. It wasn’t a lot of moving particles, dizzying lighting effects, or flashy images.

It was simple. It told the story. It engaged the audience.

Don’t be afraid to tell the Easter story in a daring way this week. Reach beyond your comfort zone and take your church on a journey through the art of visual story telling.


Gear list.

  • 1x Christie LX120 12K
  • 2x Sanyo 7k’s for side EP
  • 3x Sanyo PLC-xp57L’s for ceiling with .8 lenses and hanging on back of chair (the chairs they had perfectly allowed the projector to sit at the right angle while allowing the rear fan to be able to still circulate air, it couldn’t have worked better!)
  • Media – 1 45 minute long play growing tree
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