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As we enter spring and warm weather approaches, the biggest event to happen for the majority of our community members is Easter! As we enter this incredible season, I thought it would only be fitting to share some thoughts on how we at TripleWide Media are doing everything we can to make this year’s Easter and spring season the best we can.


1. More media.
When it comes to creating a visual environment, you’re best friend is a place with a wealth of content. We’ve got the largest library of multiscreen, environmental projection and edge blended stock content visuals available. In fact in the last week alone we’ve uploaded over 30 new products, many of which have a theme of Lent, Easter, Spring or Good Friday. There’s no other place you’ll find the selection and quality you find here. We’re devoted to continuing that trend.

But what does this mean for you? Well on the surface it means you don’t have to search five or ten websites to find a good variety of media, you can make one website your home base. Second, it means you have a better chance of finding the exact piece of media you’re looking for so you can create that powerful moment or great look for your services or events.

Holy Spirit Dove

2. Future Proof. 

Ever since day one, we’ve been trying to help our customers save money by giving you 3 sizes with every purchase: the single wide, double wide and triple wide. This means that regardless of what you need right now, you will get sizes that you may need in the future. Oh, and the 1 purchase 3 sizes thing isn’t just for a few products… it’s for the WHOLE LIBRARY!

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Don’t worry about buying media you’ll use only once… you get all the sizes you need for any of your events year round. For those in the Church that want to know more about how this will help, read this.

"Love Struck" by Church Motion Graphics
3. Never Expires.

When it comes to preparing for the future, there isn’t anything better than having something last forever! That’s exactly what we do with both the credits you buy and the media you purchase. That’s right, both of these things never expire, as long as you keep your account active.

So go ahead and buy the media you want knowing that you can always go back and get the resolution or size you need. It’s like having all your media in the cloud, backed up in the event of a catastrophe.

"Jesus Montage" by Visual Worshiper


4. Inspire Ideas. 

TripleWide Media isn’t just a community of producers trying to sell content. We are a resource for information on triple wide videos or multi screen designs along with being a source for creative inspiration when it comes to projection mapping, environmental projection or a triple wide video wall. This Easter will be no different. We’re going to try and showcase more great setups and executions while continuing our Monday Mapping videos.


5. Immersive Environments.
My greatest passion is to help more people understand the power of visuals and immersive environments and that’s something TripleWide Media is passionate about exposing and sharing. It’s why we talk so much about environmental projection or national tours that are using huge video walls. Media communicates; positive and negative messages. We don’t just want to create flash and trash for the sake of entertainment, but we want to tell a story, invite someone into a place they haven’t been before, transform a space, or engage the mind and emotion with art, media and creativity.

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That’s why I love what we do here at TripleWide Media. We don’t live in world where we see things in regular rectangles… we live in a creative, immersive world of art and visuals. When we transform our environments to speak the story we want it to, we have the ability to deepen the conversation and expand the mind.

If this immersive environments thing is something you’re passionate about or you want to know more, check out some of these blogs:

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We are interested in helping you make a difference this Easter and spring season. Every day this week and next week we’ll be posting more to help with your Easter planning. Make sure you join our community on Facebook or Twitter.

Luke McElroy

Author Luke McElroy

Luke McElroy is the founder of Orange Thread Media, the parent company to TripleWide Media, SALT Conferences and Orange Thread LIVE. He is the author of The Wide Guide: Blueprint for the Multiscreen Movement. Hailed as one of the “top innovators for worship” by Worship Leader Magazine in 2013, Luke’s leadership has helped create powerful worship environments for thousands of Church communities throughout the entire world. He currently lives in Nashville, TN and regularly writes about creativity, leadership and faith at 

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