As part of our Monday Mapping series we featured the opening projection mapping from days 1 and 2 of the Adobe Max 2013 conference. Many folks, ourselves included, were intrigued to learn how they created this experience. PIX PRODUCTIONS had a major part of an aggressive design from a very creative client. With the need and desire to wow their audience and do something fresh and new, the creative team at Adobe came to the table with an amazing vision for a truly transformative experience. They did not dissapoint. From the 5TB of content used to the 40 projectors, this was an immense production.

Check out the behind the scenes time-lapse of the setup and event!

The number of projectors was due to the varying screen sizes and sheer real estate they needed to cover. The main stage center screen was a 38’x120′ surface flanked on either side by two curved screen surfaces measuring 38’x50′ on each side. This was the primary backdrop and focal point for the stage. Past the curved side screens they had two angled screen surfaces for IMAG and an audience wrap during pre-programmed content. These were setup in an arch shape one each side and measured 30’x37′ for each and created an immersive atmosphere.

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However, the final screens were what truly made this an immersive environment. Using trussing, they hung two screens over the stage and the audience. These screens measured 30’x75′ and 60’x62′ coming out like a canopy over the stage and into the audience seating. This required some truly custom projector placement with many sitting at the down stage edge of the stage.

In order to bring the 40 projectors and nearly 20,000 sq. ft. of screen surface area, the production company looked to Pandora and Vista Systems for masking, warping, sequencing, queuing and content management. Additionally, a Ross HD switcher was used to tie everything together, incorporate the 8-HD cameras and 3 Robo Cams used for overhead shots of the demo area.

From the opening on day 1 through the close of the conference, the technology was used in each and every session to bring the audience into the setup and immerse them in the products and services being showcased. Adobe brought together an amazing team with the right tools for the job to craft an experience that conference attendees won’t soon forget.

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Gear List

  • Projectors – 40 (varying aspect ratios and lumens)
  • Screens – (varying aspect ratios totaling nearly 20,000 sq. ft. of surface area)
  • Pandora Media Servers
  • Vista Systems Spyder X20 image processor
  • Ross 3.5 ME Vision HD switcher
  • Pandora Manager
  • (2) 80″ LCD Touchscreens
  • (1) 65″ Plasma Television (acting as a table with touchscreen overlay)

More Pics from an amazing event below:












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