Since we began the “Transform Christmas” campaign 3 weeks ago, we’ve had a few friends of ours help us share some inspiration. We’ve already heard from some… but today we have another TripleWide Producer helping us with some details on a production they did last year during Christmas. So take a look at what producer Nicholas Rivero did last year.


Last Christmas, my good friend Jason Norris and I had the chance put on a triple-wide christmas for a church in Birmingham, AL.

The church, Hunter Street Baptist, has been putting on events every Christmas season, but on the media side, they’ve always stuck to the standard two screens, left and right. The church is quite familiar with technology and has a rather impressive broadcast video setup, to say the least. But last year, they wanted to “spruce” up their yearly Christmas event by adding some sort of video canvas to their stage.

We met with them various times throughout the fall and threw around ideas from edge-blended screens to environmental projection. We finally landed on the decision to go with a triple wide, 16×9, screen arrangement. Doing multi-screen video for this congregation was a new concept and even though the idea of doing environmental was well liked, the thought was to introduce them to having a new video canvas in their room by putting up the triple wide above their stage setup. They rented in projectors and screens from a rental shop in Nashville and in the process, decided to rent two additional 4×3 projectors and screens to add some larger surfaces and brighter punch for their standard IMAG.

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The entire show came together in about a week, working day and night from one Sunday to another. Jason and I worked for about 5 days non-stopped preparing, creating, editing, and organizing out all of the content. We took the show order and broke it down into all of the songs and moments and from top to bottom, then we listened through all of the songs and laid out all of our content to the songs. We went through all kinds of content from guys like Visual Worshiper, Igniter Media, Orange Thread Media, and Thr-ve, and also created a few pieces our selves. Our goal was to make the content for the show as simple as possible because neither of us could be there for the actual show to run the system. Before we left we laid out all of the media in ProPresenter and added as many notes as possible to make it easy for them to follow along in rehearsals.

Here’s some pictures of the event:

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“Names of God” By Jason Norris


Cathedral Imagery on Triple Wide Video Wall


 “Royal Crown” by Jason Norris


Nicholas Rivero is a Live Video Director full time and designs motion graphics and still imagery for multi-screen on the side. Currently you can see his work on the Lady Antebellum tour, but has been on tour with Toby Mac, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong United, Passion Conferences and others.  Nicholas has a passion to create experiences that amplify what is happening live. He graduated from Florida State University and currently lives in Nashville, TN. To follow Nicholas on twitter click here.


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