The Triple TripleWide

A Triple TripleWide

Working with Orange Thread Live, we recently had the opportunity to work on a local event here in Nashville. The client wanted to have a place in the lobby to display social media posts from the conference.

Wanting to come up with a creative solution that showcased and displayed the media in a unique way, that’s where the Triple TripleWide came into play. This is a setup we have been itching to try for a bit and finally had the opportunity.


The Specifics

Using ProVideoPlayer and ProPresenter we were able to map each of the 9 monitors we were using to create custom templates for different cues. The total mapped output was 3840*2160 across the 9 monitors.


Combining PVP and ProPresenter gave us the most flexibility to run all outputs individually and simultaneously with the best control.

Next, we ran our playlist from PVP using ProPresenter on a separate computer to control the Twitter feed. Using multiple computers with the multiple outputs gave us the highest level of stability.

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For the display, we needed 9 unique outputs. Using two DataPathX4’s plus an extra output from the Mac Pro.

Here’s some pics of the PVP output layers.


The Final Setup

Gear List

  • 4K 3840×2160 display built from 9x 27” monitors.
  • Processing: Mac Pro trashcan and PVP2, 2x Datapath X4.
  • Content: TripleWide Media, Custom graphics, Twitter feed via ProPresenter 6.
  • Twitter integration: Twitter feed into custom template in Pro6 running on a Mac Mini, outputting into PVP on the Mac Pro though a BlackMagic Ultrastudio 4K.
If you’re interesting in learning more about doing a setup like this, feel free to email us! Check out the other setups we’ve done and featured on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

TripleWide Media Content Used:

Block Art Diagonal

Block Art Diagonal | TripleWide Media
Block Art Electric | TripleWide Media
Block Art Marquee | TripleWide Media
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