Environmental Projection Mapping from Easter 2011

This past weekend was a big weekend for a good number of our community members. It was Easter weekend, arguably the most important day of the year for the Church. Of course this resulted in a lot of time and energy to making the experience for all those who are involved nothing short of phenomenal.

So – we reached out to those on Twitter and asked them to help us share some of the TripleWide Media content in action and got a few great pictures. We’ve tried our best to give some of the details of the setup each church had, but we don’t have all of them.
If you have pictures and weren’t able to send them, feel free to send them to questions@articles.triplewidemedia.com and we’ll add them to this post.

The Picture of Easter.

This picture comes from the one and only Camron Ware. He really is the master of environmental projection and was able to help Avenue Church take their Easter celebration to the next level. Beautiful picture Camron – Thanks for posting this.

TripleWide Media Product: “Sunbeams 1” by Orange Thread Media.

This one is awesome. The Crown Of thorns, sent by Mark Manley of The River Church Community in San Jose, CA. What a great setup and design using the blend of lighting and projection to create a great atmosphere of worship.

Want this motion? It’s “Crown of Thorns” by Orange Thread Media. Check it out here.

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These next couple of pictures are from Chad Ellenburg, the worship and arts pastor of Pleasant Valley Church. They used a few borrowed 3,000 lumen projectors from some friends of theirs. (Great idea!) and still used their standard projectors they use every week to projector words on top of the Environmental. They were using Media Shout with a Matrox TripleHead2Go and didn’t use Edge Blending either. They just lined up the three projectors and made it look killer! Chad told us that the people loved it and it was an amazing Sunday! Would have loved to seen this in person.

TripleWide Media Product: “Sacred Pano 046” by Awake Images.

TripleWide Media Product: “Names of God – Rise” by Visual Worshiper.

TripleWide Media Product: “Sunkiss” By Refresh Media.

This is another piece of work by Camron Ware from Visual Worshiper as he helped out Coppell Bible’s Tenebrae service. You can tell that they continued to use their current screen while taking time to add intentional and powerful imagery to paint the walls with.

TripleWide Media Product: “Christmas Pano 005 ” by Awake Images.

These two pictures were sent in by Justin Kirk from Manley Baptist Church in Morristown, TN. They were using ProPresenter 4 with a TripleHead2Go and a Playback Drive. They have 3 BenQ Projectors that were being thrown from the sound booth over 75 feet away. It’s pretty cool to think they could use ProPresenter to help mask out the areas they didn’t want to show since they were projecting such a large image.

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TripleWide Media Product: “Sacred Pano 108” by Awake Images.

TripleWide Media Product: “God and Man” by Visual Worshiper.

This was submitted by Jim Duyck from Grace Church in Wichita Falls, TX. They used 5 Christie LX505 Projectors and iMacs running ProPresenter. They were running lyrics on one of the projectors and used the other three for Environmental Projection. They also used a little bit of masking for the center cross to help add some contrast between it and the rest of the imagery.

TripleWide Media Product: “Purple Crown of Thorns” by Orange Thread Media.

Do you have a picture from this past weekend? Send it to us and add a few details about your setup. We’ll make sure to post it here and share with our entire community.

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